Gaining Exposure

I am slowly, but surely working on developing RRWK. I’ve been casually blogging for since fall 2010, so I decided that it was about time to take myself and my writing seriously. There are so many things about the realm of more involved blogging that I simply didn’t know. The biggest obstacle standing between my blog and potential opportunities was the distinct lack of media kit and distribution materials.

2015/01/img_0331.jpgRunning with one of my Favorite Blog-Gals, Meghan!

A portion of my undergraduate degree in English focused on creative writing and digital writing spaces, so naturally, I gravitated to blogging. While I was still in school, I found maintaining a website to be more about personal interests and hobbies. I was a product of the LiveJournal generation, which I used primarily during my time in Japan for personal updates with friends back home and online gaming. I also used it to attempt to piece together the remnants of my senior graduation project which vanished under suspicious circumstances while my computer was in storage and I was in Japan. It wasn’t until I started running that I adopted a blog-format.

Unsure of where to start, I flung a couple of tweets. I was surprised by the outpouring of support I received in return from friends and complete strangers. I was directed to two great websites for assistance in the assembly of a media kit: The Blog Maven and Katy Widrick (thanks to the Fab Folks at Gotta Get Bloggin’). Overlooking everything, it truly opened to my eyes to the scope of what it takes to be a professional blogger (or at least one who could be taken seriously.)

A new sheriff is in town, Folks!

Task List

  • Business Cards: Last summer, I joined Klout after a recommendation by a friend to help bolster my social media presence. It turns out that the one and only perk I have managed to score was a discount on business cards from MOO. At Cupcakes, Cat-Eyes & Cocktails, I met some fab Orlando-area bloggers. Color me embarrassed when I was asked for calling cards as I was sadly empty-handed. Annie encouraged me to get some even though I am still relatively new to the blogging game. The hardest part is not deciding layout components.  Status – In Progress
  • Banner: For a while, I lovingly displayed Shag’s gorgeously detailed “Map of the World” from his Outbound with the In-Crowd series which I hope one day to possess a copy. However, I cannot use it to promote RRWK, so I took my chances and designed my own blog header using the Rhonna Designs App. The photo I used was from my nine-mile gallop over the bridges of Paris back in Spring 2013. Status – Complete
  • Media Kit: In the autumn, I applied for a blogger event, but was promptly rejected due to a lack of media kit. When I lived in Japan, I had PhotoShop on my computer, but since I switched to Apple, I haven’t managed to find a comparable, affordable substitute. Currently, I am battling Pages, but slowly making positive strides. Status – In Progress 

IMG_6513You can take the girl out of The Swamp…

  • Promotional Photos: I’ve read about folks investing in proper photographs to make their blogs look more professional. While I am quite handy with my digital camera, I am a long ways off from the fancy DSLR camera I dream about. I feel like I’ve always taken awkward photos when they are directed, but I can’t help but think how good Marsha made me feel and look when I was having a retro rad time! Status – Pending
  • Sponsorship: A fair bit of research with regard to query letters will come after I get my Media Kit sorted out. I feel that it would not be practical to actively seek sponsors until I have properly prepared myself to provide hard and fast numbers. Status – To Do
  • Ambassadorship: Like sponsorship, I would love to establish partnerships with causes and organizations, especially in Central Florida. Next month, I’ll be based in Orlando and I am excited to be closer to home!  Status – To Do
  • Consolidation: As I write this, I am discovering how scattered my former internet presence is and how much I really need to back up items for posterity. More importantly, I need to print a hard copy. Which format do you suggest for digital backups?  Status – In Progress

Currently, I am trying to figure out the best management system for this entire process. I have been tackling this process in a paperless fashion, but I am curious if I should go back to basics and employ some pen and paper for a better visual representation and archive of my history. When it comes or scheduling and plotting future posts, do you tend use a calendar? Notebook? White board? Entire writing desk? A room?! I’d love to hear what tips you have to offer! I love to plan, but sometimes, I am an over strategizer who thinks too hard. Please help me out!

Come fly with me, Y’all

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  1. Hi sister! I love that you’re thinking about your brand and trying to develop a solid plan for your blog. I would suggest you check out blogger and Badass Babes maven, Sarah Morgan, She is a web designer, aerialist (!!!) and blog mentor. She just released a book called “The Badass Blog Planner”, which is a workbook to help “step-up your blogging game…guide to blog with purpose and grow your online presence like a pro”, according to her website. Here’s the link to her post: Sarah also offers “Fix-it Friday” on her blog where you can submit your blog to her and she’ll give you one tip on how to improve your look/feel/etc. If you want to take it a step further, she offers the Badass Babes Blog & E-course, which is a sort of online blogging course and digital community. 🙂 I’m excited to see where RRWK is headed in 2015! We need to help motivate each other too, because I need to really work on my brand and blog this year too! xoxo


      1. 🙂 Glad to help! I’ve been following her blog for a few years now and really trust her opinion regarding design, branding and online presence.

        I would love to be interviewed, sounds really fun! ❤ Just email me your questions to this email address:


  2. I haven’t been blogging for quite a year yet but I do have some business cards and have sort of gotten into a groove in the last several months. I find using CoSchedule to visualize my editorial calendar has been helpful. Also, getting involved in blogging communities has been a great resource! Definitely a lot to learn still! 🙂


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