Realistic Running

At runDisney, every mile is magic, but what happens when the magic dwindles? Let’s be clear. It isn’t that I have stopped believing, but after Avengers, my physical and mental mind sets haven’t been where I need them to be. While in the throws of the holiday flying, I have found my stress cranked up and my motivation to run stagnant. I know I need to run, but every time I lace up, my body protests. After BDR Cape Coral, something just hasn’t felt right. After taking a beat to look at my projected running schedule for 2015, I picked up the phone. The lady I spoke with was nice, and without going into too much detail, I elected to defer my Star Wars Rebel Challenge to 2016. This was by no means an easy decision to make, but I believe that it is the right one.


Since my first two Princess Half Marathons, I have not run back to back races in the same weekend.  This was largely due to the fact that I do not adequately train for single races let alone multiple races in the same weekend. I refuse to do the Dumbo Double Dare. You won’t see me anywhere near the Goofy Challenge. The only way I’d even consider attempting the Dopey (including my first full marathon) would be on someone else’s bank roll and with a personal trainer. I simply did not think when I registered for the Rebel Challenge. I was blinded by the bling.

It wasn’t until I ran the Tinker Bell Half in January 2013, that I finally felt the strain of all the west coast run Disney folks. The race registration was higher, the hotel and travel costs were greater, and  and trying to even get registered for the race was exhausting. Living in greater Orlando area, I’ve been spoiled by runDisney events held at Walt Disney World because they are self-contained on the park property and the cost of attendance is far more affordable. When I ran the numbers after Avengers, I realized, I put two west coast races too close together on my schedule. Yes, airfare is covered, but hotel, food, and park admission for a girl traveling alone became overwhelming. Trying to run the numbers for my next fun-filled runDisney runcation vaporized my excitement like Alderaan.

The demands of holiday flying do not always permit me to hit the gym regularly. After wearing high heels all day, even the thought of putting my feet into anything other than a nice warm bath make me whine like Anakin Skywalker. I do not have the luxury of bottomless pits of cash and I refuse to go into debt for the sake of any race. I love the thrill of endurance running, but as I get older, I do need my body to be able to continue working, too. So, looking toward my running schedule for 2015, I need to set some more realistic goals, as well as develop a strategy for making the events financially affordable.

Race Goals for 2015

Wish List Races

  • Summer 2015: Unlikely unless I get shipped somewhere cold for a long layover.
  • Fall 2015: Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half (09/06/15; Virginia Beach, FL) – This would be birthday 36 weekend, but only if I can manage to have vacation that week. (registration fee $65; registration open)
  • Winter 2015: Space Coast Half Marathon (11/29/15; Cape Canaveral, FL) – I’ve managed to miss this race two years running, so I would truly like to make it in this time! (starting price $85; 02/09/15)

Personal Goals

  • Find a welcoming running club near by (less than 15 minutes of driving)
  • Find a race series to actively support
  • Find an awareness cause to raise funds like Tampa Free to Breathe Run/Walk 5K
  • Develop an outdoor running schedule. Save the treadmill for layovers/rainy days only.
  • Avoid dumping money on races because other people are doing it.
  • Limit the number of destination races. Run local races when possible.
  • Work on making a manageable financial plan for destination races.
  • Participate in a limited number of virtual races.
  • Evaluate running clothes and invest in necessary pieces.
  • Buy race weekend stables ahead of time. Make a check list.
  • Cross train with weights, yoga, and swimming
  • Work on training and setting personal records in shorter distance races (5K; 10K)

I find it important to revisit goals, so I am going to become more proactive in taking time to evaluate where I am on a quarterly basis. As the seasons shift and my travel destinations change, I am learning that my race goals cannot and should not remain identical throughout the year. In the past I would turn to running magazines and forums for advice, but I am rediscovering a rift between those who believe running is for everyone, and those who staunchly believe if you aren’t in it to win it, take your shoes and go home. What I am searching for is a healthier running environment and community to participate in.

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  1. If you live in the Hunters Creek Area they have a great running club, very welcoming, active and they will have runners at most of the Track Races as well as a good turnout for the Pig Run


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