The Incredible Hulkalele

This year, I participated in the RedditGifts Exchange! Gift exchanges are never easy, and they are even more challenging when one is shopping for a complete stranger with only they information provided by the participant and one’s own creativity. Today, Team BadKid, my RedditGifts Recipient posted that he’d received “The Best Ukulele EVER!” I’ve waited all month to let this cat out of the bag. I give you an instrument that even Dr. Bruce Banner would love. I give you: The Incredible Hulkalele.

IMG_0539.JPGMele Kalikimaka, Y’all!

So what can one truly do with a general list of likes? If you put a little effort into it, one can get quite carried away with trying to create the most bizarrely spectacular gift out there. While I will not be able to compete with the Loki Helmet that Bill Gates bestowed upon this year’s target, I used the following process to assemble this Avenger-inspired musical instrument. After reading over TBK’s profile, I’d definitely want to share some Kona Brewing Company beer and pupus with this guy.

Likes: comic books, any thing marvel, ninja turtles, nerdy shirts, Dr. who, artwork, Dinosaurs, beer, cooking, cooking with beer, gummy bears, nature, hanging out with my adorable baby
What is your favorite color? Green
What are your favorite subreddits? Marvel, Doctor Who
If you could travel somewhere right now, where would you go? Hawaii or anywhere tropical.
What are your hobbies? hiking, biking (fixie), anything outdoorsy
It’s 11AM on a Sunday, what are you doing? at a yard sale/ flee market to buy furniture to restain/ paint and flip
What is on your bucket list? own a vacation home
If you could learn one skill, what would you learn? Learn to play the ukulele
What are you most passionate about? music, food, cooking
What is your favorite food? sushi

When I searched Amazon for ukuleles, I was praying that they had something fun and festive. I was tickled when I discovered the Hola! HM-21 Soprano Ukulele, Color Series (Green)! Inspiration hit like a blast of gamma rays, and that little Ambassador of Aloha was in the shopping basket faster than anything on Supermarket Sweep. Redbubble get massive props for helping me find quite possibly the best variety of fan-made stickers. I’ve bought RB products before, and I knew I would not be disappointed by the quality. Unsure of which ones would best fit on the Hulkalele, I ordered six and figured the rest could be used to decorate the box or make a card.

IMG_0540.JPGMarvel (front)

With having a little baby, I wanted to make the Hulkalele something that could be fun, powerful, and also kid-friendly. I thought the chili-style Marvel sticker was just too cute to pass up! I hope that TBK will enjoy play for and eventually with his baby!

Credible Hulk Quote (edge)

As a respectable, credible gentleman, I felt that TBK was worthy of the famed Credible Hulk quote and the Smashingly dashing mustachioed Hulk in a bowler hat. Although, Yvis’ “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” makes Karen want to SMASH ALL THE THINGS, I would be rather curious to hear a ukulele rendition involving The Incredible Hulk. Playing the tune in tiny purple pants optional.


SMASHING (top) & What Does the Hulk Say? (bottom)

I refused to waste any of the stickers, so I used the last two to frame the mailing address. The USPS was being rather tricksy having only Priority and Express mailing labels available. They wanted me to pay for a plain mailing label, so I borrowed a marker from the clerk and called it a day. I am glad that I did have the remaining stickers because they helped to mask my ugly penmanship.

Smashing Through the Snow (left) & Going Green (right)

As I was editing, I was informed that my RedditGifts Secret Santa came through with a rather snazzy print for one of my favorite professional wrestlers: Chris Jericho. His podcast is great and his band Fozzy totally rocks! It would only be natural that my gift would arrive while I am flying, so Doc was kind enough to relay the great news!

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