For the life of me, I cannot figure out Reddit. I’ve tried. I’ve honestly and sincerely tried. Like a befuddled primate staring blankly at an old IBM desk top, I simply poke and prod at the page until something happens. When RedditGifts popped up in my Twitter feed, I figured what better way to overcome my confusion about Reddit, than to participate in the Guinness World Record shattering, international anonymous gift exchange.


Who doesn’t like stuff? I know I do. One of the most daunting tasks about participating in a gift exchange of any kind would be the curations of one’s Wish List. The hardest thing was not to be complete adult about it and ask for practical things that could easily acquire on any daily jaunt to the market or the mall. It reminds me of using the hefty paper Christmas catalog from Sears when we were kids and writing our letters of send to the North Pole. Mom used to “edit” them for us, but I believe she might have been in cahoots with that Santa Claus Dude.

Teach me how to USE Reddit. Truly. Someone. ANYONE. Pretty please!! Even reading the FAQs, I am completely overwhelmed. No one wants to be a noob, but like many online forums and communities, there is a fair amount of trolling and cyberbullying if you don’t have the net savvy or witty chops to go toe-to-toe with the comments section. For me, this is the harrowing spiral down the rabbit hole like GaiaOnline without the cutesy avatars and no pretty pictures and landscape to get my by. Reddit makes me wonder if I am failing at the internets, or if I am finding unique ways to occupy my time without it. The starving academic inside wants to understand Reddit, but I want to learn about it in a safe, user-friendly environment. I don’t have Reddit Gold, so I am one broke as a joke Redditor. Am I a Reddittor? I don’t even know!

Are external wish lists allowed? With CyberMonday and the glory of internet deals, I want to add just about everything to my wishlist. I browsed the RedditGifts Marketplace, but finding things that would legitimately want or need were few and far between. As a woman in her mid-30s, trying to justify possession of many of the items was just exhausting. I did find some fun t-shirts which would be great for the gym and some fun quotes that might match the house decor. It certainly made me question if I am growing out of my geekdom, or if I am simply in search for more subtle representations of my fandom within my life.

I like big books and I cannot lie. I’m still looking to replace my Barnes & Noble nook with the GlowLight edition, but I do miss having a proper library of books. I am still flustered that the hotel driver managed to smash my B&N nook when he dropped my bag, but I have yet to invest in a new one. I always dreamed about having a writing space nestled among book shelves and a unbelievably cozy reading nook. Though the practicality and convenience of eBooks are nagging at my Virgo tendencies, I miss having the honest-to-goodness, smells like academics, tactile paradise of hard copy books. So, I started a bare bones book wish list for RG14. I am curious as to which book choices I should add. Suggestions?

Most Outlandish, Over-the-Top Dreams. We all have them. Bottom line: It would be VIP status and ring-side seating at WrestleMania 31 in San Francisco or All-Access Passes for next summer’s San Diego Comic Convention and Nerd HQ. Go big or go home, right?

Dream Matches – I remember when one RedditGiftee received her presents… from Bill Gates… Yeah, the Microsoft Guy. Giving it substantial thought, I figured why not speculate who I would love to get random stuff from besides all the wonderful people in the RedditGifts pool! I am fairly certain that most of these folks don’t even use Reddit, but it’s fun to day dream, no? In no particular order, let’s start with the ladies.

  • Aisha Tyler – A razor-sharp wit and an all-around cool girl I’d love to drink fancy craft beers with. I love listening to her Girl on Guy Podcast. Her stand up proves that women can be funny, smart, and pretty. Whenever she’s on The Talk, she totally kills it, and I always laugh along when she’s hosting Who’s Line Is It Anyway?
  • Melissa Joan Hart – She loves the WWE, follows SEC Football, and I am certain that in another life we either went to school together or at least rode the bus together. MJH has been one of my favorite TV Actresses since Clarissa Explains It All, and she’s funny and witty.
  • Jewel Staite – I discovered Firefly long after it had been off the air and finally made it’s way to Netflix. (Yes, really… Please don’t revoke my nerd girl card.) I love reading her restaurant reviews and recipes, and though she still acts on occasion, I truly appreciate how simple, yet happy her life is. I wan’t to eat my way through Canada with this foodie as my guide.
  • Alicia Silverstone – Between MJH & Alicia, I wound up dying my mousey brown hair blonde in the 11th grade due to Clueless. I love her approach to vegan living, and in my attempts to diversify my diet with more plant-based options, I turned to The Kind Diet. Reading it, helped me better understand my sister’s choice to become a vegetarian.

The gentlemen below are far more likely to participate in the RedditGifts-capade as they have all built their own multi-media empires with solid nerdy foundations.

  • Chris Hardwick – One of the current reigning kings of Nerd Multimedia, Señor Hardwick is the only person I would guesstimate creeps along the subreddits. Though at this stage of the game, he’s probably working on converting the rest of the world to Nerdvana. It would be undeniably unreal if he were to crop up in the ranks.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt – His work with he HitRECord community was be phenomenal. I am far from one of the most active folks on HR, but he would be  a fun person to receive unique gifting from. With his penchant for indie artsiness and dark horse comedy, I would be baffled by what would arrive in the mail.
  • Zachary Levi – While his Nerd Machine thrives on mixing nerd culture with charity work, I would be floored to get something from this guy. Maybe by the time I’m 40, I’ll be able to actively contribute to the do-gooding some by his organization and participate in Nerd HQ at San Diego Comic Con.

Update: As I worked on this, I received my RedditGifts Match! I was able to fulfill my obligation to the challenge for an affordable price. When I initially signed up for the event, I set money aside. It’s been far too long since I’ve participated in a challenge like this, but it is fun o flex my creativity. Once my lucky (or unlucky) Giftee has received their present, I’ll post a follow up! If this pans out, maybe next year, I’ll volunteer as an Elf!

I would love to participate in the RedditGifts for Teachers next September. I am still trying to find charities I can assist not only at the holidays, but throughout the year, especially in the local Orlando area. I enjoyed visiting Clean the World, and I am amassing a diverse collection of hotel amenities for donation in the near future. Also, I loved the Alex + Ani Charmed by Charity shoppers event for Give Kids the World. I just can’t make up my mind. A few years back, I raised money for the Revlon Run/Walk 5K, but I haven’t found the right race or cause.

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