My Charm Story

Earlier in the month, I attended a Charmed by Charity™ fundraiser at Alex + Ani in Winter Park, FL that Meghan hosted. The lucky charity was Give Kids the World, a great charity in Central Florida near and dear to my friends. I learned of GKTW via their Extreme Village Makeover on Good Morning, America. (Yes, a heap of ugly crying followed.) Initially, I planned to attend the event via telephone order as I was on call with a potential trip assignment as early as 4:30 in the morning, but at the last minute, I changed my mind and dropped by the see the girls!

IMG_9635.JPGLast minute fly by in the name of charity!

For those who don’t know me, I am not a jewelry girl. Aside from a New Zealand paua shell (abalone) necklace set, a beautiful Origami Owl locket, and my Nike Women’s Half Tiffany Necklace, I virtually never wear jewelry. At 35, I don’t even have (nor have I ever had) my ears pierced. So, when I received an invitation to attend a charity fundraiser which involved something I knew very little about, I approached the invitation with trepidation. I know little about jewelry since I wear practically nothing, but I knew the event was for a good cause. I decided it was high time to tick another check mark on my list of challenges to overcome: so I squared up for some girly shopping.

A perfect Fly Girl combination: Feathers & Sky

After extensive research in the week leading up to the event, I purchased my Christmas Presents to myself as well as some other holiday shopping. With a very small window for driving, shopping, and socializing, I need an action plan to get in and get out. Unsure of the availability, I went in with an itemized list, ranking which items I wanted, and which I would be willing to accept provided my choices were not available. The sales girl nearly fell over when I pulled a list out, but in less than five minutes, I was rolling to the check out counter.

I selected the Quill Feather Wrap in Rafaellan Silver Finish from the Spiritual Armor Wrap Collection touting the trio of Truth • Light • Virtue. I am continuously striving to become a better person with an even more positive outlook on life. As a writer, the quill is mightier than the sword. For a splash of subtle color, I matched it with the Night Sky Starlit Canvas Beaded Bangle. I loved the pale blues and purples against the silver and the promise of Illumination • Originality • Expression. Determined to further expand upon my writing, the facets of The Night’s Mosaic Collection grabbed by creativity by the heartstrings.

IMG_9629.JPG Girls Night Out with Heart!

In the rush to stock up on hugs and quickly catch up, I managed to completely bypass the fantastic coffee by Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen, and the decadent chocolate from Peterbrooke Chocolate. Doc reassured me that the chocolate was great. I was in an out in less than 25 minutes, but I managed to cross off a couple of names from my holiday shopping list, too! I did not purchase any items from the Charity by Design collection, however during the event 15% from ALL sales went toward GKTW, and from what I hear, the evening’s event raised around $450!

I absolutely adored the A+A Carnivals and Caravans Collection because when I saw it, I automatically thought of my sister, Susie. Since she started her journey with Hop Float Fly, flying trapeze, and circus arts, I sincerely wanted to get her the Trapeze Wrap. Unfortunately the in-stock availability was limited to buying the complete five-piece Sideshow Collection online which I hadn’t budgeted for. I took a leap of faith and contacted the Alex + Ani Facebook page, sending a query about the availability of the discontinued bangle. Within twenty-four hours, they not only responded, but located the last remaining solo bangle in their inventory. I was floored that they not only took the time to reply, but provided me with a telephone number to call! As luck would have it, it hadn’t been sold while I was working, so I managed to get it bought and shipped in time for it to arrive at my parents’ house ON my sister’s birthday. Check out how great it looks on her!

IMG_0207.JPGTrapeze Bangle (second from left) mixed with my sister’s collection!  

Alex and Ani had a Win Your Wishlist contest which I entered. I did my best to create a variety of color combinations, but I found that I tended to stick to my leanings toward blues, greens, and silver. Sadly, in the last week, several of the items I selected were not only no longer in stock, but have vanished in the wake of Black Friday. I am certain that as I save up toward investing in the items on my wish list, trends will come and go and new items will debut, so I am not concerned if I don’t have the exact combinations in the future. The A+A wish list function is useful as you can save the items in the finishes desire, however, without an ability to group items into sets, I think it may make holiday shopping difficult for those wanting to make the perfect combination.

{ Running } A new kind of bling junkie

Between December and March, I am running three half marathons (and one 10K). Two of which are designated Girls’ Weekend Runcations. I have been earnestly looking for a way to honor how running has impacted my life aside from rotating through my ever growing collection of race shirts. Since, I can’t wander around with my race medals all the time, I think I might have found a little treat for myself which honors my hard work. Plus, the two main bangle staples come from the Charity by Design Collection!

Best Damn Race Cape Coral (December 2014)

Publix Savannah Women’s Half (March 2015)

{ Sky + Sea } Keeping me grounded in the sky

My work– whether I like it or not– is a large part of who I am. It shapes and molds my character through my adventures around the globe. Though, throughout my years of living abroad and flying, there is nothing like coming home at the end of a trip. Trinkets from my travels are important, but carrying those I love with me is equally important. In my Meet + Make post, my holiday welcome mat inspired me to carry this theme further.

Rafaellan Silver Finish 

Rafaellan Gold Finish

{ Gator Girl } Be true to my school

In spring 1997, I received my acceptance letter to the University of Florida in Gainesville. Moving away to one of the best public universities in the country has left an ever lasting imprint on the woman I am today. I majored in English Literature with focuses in Creative Writing, Film Analysis, and Women’s Studies. Finally being home on the East Coast, I’ve revisited my wardrobe and found a disturbing lack of Orange and Blue! Time to change that!

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