Fall Soiree

Back in March, I attended Dapper Day. Ever since, I have counted down the annual Fall Soiree at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. After seeing all the fantastically dapper couples in the spring, I was excited that Doc was willing to dress up for an afternoon at the park. While I had a loose itinerary in mind, it promptly got chucked out of the window as soon as we arrived at the park. Flexibility is the new F-bomb!

IMG_8995.JPGFarewell to the Studio Backlot Tour!

I scooted over to Hot Topic originally intending to buy a different dress, but I fell in love with a black wiggle dress by Hell Bunny Clothing. I loved the rockabilly tailoring and the hibiscus appliqués pull the eyes up. It turned out to be on sale, so I didn’t hesitate. I dug out my plumeria and lily hair piece from my my time in Hawai’i, and pulled out my peep toe “shoes designed for strutting.” Additional accessories included $3.99 costume gloves from Wal-mart, sun glasses and some a faux vintage clutch. After battling with the curling iron I managed to wrangle my hair into some victory rolls and put the rest up into a bun (including my sock bun for volume). Recently, I’ve been practicing how to apply winged liner and smudge-proof red lip.

IMG_1509.JPGOverall look for the afternoon

In the week leading up to Dapper Day, I worked six-days straight, so I was ready to take my time and work through the event at my own pace. With the exceptional turn out in the spring time, I was certain that the Fall Soiree would have an equally large following, but in a smaller park space. The hardest thing about blocking my flight schedule prior to big events is that exhaustion sometimes creeps up when I finally stop moving, so waiting in lines in the heat of Floridian September can be a little rough. DD Meet-ups for group rides were scheduled at 4PM for the Studio Backlot Tour and at 6PM for The Great Movie Ride. I would have liked to have participated in the group photo opportunities, but my body simply slipped into auto-pilot.

IMG_1511.JPG Calamity at Catastrophe Canyon!

I had forgotten the history of film making until the behind the scenes tour. It disappoints me that Disney keeps “renovating and updating” their parks in the sense that they are tearing down and storing away the history. I understand that events like Star Wars Weekends and Frozen Summer Fun are essential to the smaller parks thriving, but I sincerely feel like the educational and historical values of the Disney Product are being erased and replace with character greetings and games. So, getting the opportunity to not only say farewell to Epcot’s Maelstrom ride at the Norway Pavilion and the Studio Backlot Tour all in the same week simply felt overwhelming as I grew up with these rides.

Classic Glamour at The Great Movie Ride!

Originally, I want to grab adult beverages at the Tune-In Lounge and the Brown Derby Lounge, but both plans were scrapped due to the sheer turn out of the folks at the park. I’m learning more and more how essential it is to make reservations well in advance or simply visit the parks during the week while most of the world is at work and in school. After a week in high heels, my right arch called it quits and my left knee started twitching. As a runner, I have learned over the years to listen to my body when it comes to running. When it comes to work or play, sometimes I toe the line longer than I should. Being on my feet nonstop and then sauntering through a theme park in heels was not my best decision of the week. I looked great, felt fantastic, and received several surprising compliments, but those things do not remedy muscle exhaustion. I cannot count my lucky stars enough that I packed a pair of KushyFoot Flats to Go in Fleecy Leopard.

IMG_1507.JPG Cocktails with Doc at The Belle Vue Lounge

By seven o’clock, Doc and I settled down at The Belle Vue Lounge inside The Boardwalk Inn. With better lighting and more available seating than Mizner’s Lounge (Grand Floridian), I certainly a fan of Belle Vue. There was an option to sit on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and the Boardwalk, but the humidity kept us inside. We beat the DD rush, and managed to score a cozy table for two by the book shelves. We deviated from our usual patterns of Gin & Tonic and House Wine, and elected for cocktails neither of us ever tried! Doc elected for an Old Fashioned and I optioned the Heather & Honey Sidecar. Both beverages not only match the classy ambiance of the lounge and adhered to our Dapper Day theme, but taste reminiscent of a time long lost. The solo bartender had his hands full as the Dapper Folk began streaming in, and I didn’t want a replay of the wait at Mizner’s, so we called it an early night.

For resort guests with children please keep in mind while the bar lounge does have board games, it is not an appropriate place for you to take your energetic children or crying infants. A lounge is intended for those 21+ intending on enjoying their beverages in a laid-back, relaxing environment. If you feel compelled to get a beverage from the bar, take it outside and meet your party. Personally, I have difficulty enjoying my lounge experience while children run wild and unchecked while several generations of adults are crowding the bar ordering beverages. When I visit the resorts, I gravitate toward venues and restaurants geared toward adults. Allow me to be crystal clear: I do not dislike children. I do firmly believe that parents should be able to have fun, too. Keeping that in mind, understanding the appropriate locations to bring children is essential.

The Dapper Day Spring Fling is on the calendar for March, 14, 2015, and the Fall Soiree is scheduled for October 3, 2015. I look forward to assembling my next fashion adventure for the spring time!

Event Date: September 27, 2014

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