Meet + Make

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending my first Meet + Make organized by Sarah Hearts. I was introduced to this fantastic craftsy girls night out thanks to Meghan. I signed up on a whim after Cecille mentioned there was only one ticket left, squeaking in under the gun as it were. The event was held at West Elm Orlando in the Mall at Millennia, and I’d move in there in a heart beat if I could! Just in time for the holidays, the craft du jour was a welcome mat in a lovely fall palette.


I arrived much earlier than I had anticipated which gave me a chance to explore WEO and fall in love with just about every single thing in the shop. I count my lucky stars that I do not live closer to West Elm, or I would move in. So many lovely ideas for decorating, but I would need to consult Doc to avoid turning his house into a chick’s place.


Sipping on some Special Apple Cider!

The beverage and snack tables was teeming with delicious fall treats including a “spicy” (spiked) apple cider, yummy cookies, and cute doughnut hole poles! I have never been a very crafty person, but all the tiny details and accents, really inspired me to learn more about crafting and entertaining. The tricky thing about planning for events, is my being on the road half the month. I am hoping that once I get into Orlando permanently, this might become something I can explore more thoroughly.


Critical Weakness: Cutesy, girly things!

I was over the moon to not only find takeaways from Lima Green Designs & Bright Light Paper, but I also had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind the brands, too!! Cecille had a good laugh when I realized that the ladies weren’t just in house at the event, but they were both sitting near by. I might have had a lovely mouth gaping look of shock for a few seconds as the news settled in.

The craft task for the evening was a heavy duty door mat, perfect for scraping off the outside dirt. While many chose very regimented patterns of arrows, chevrons, and stripes, I went old school– like grade school– in my design choice. Being that I’m constantly on the fly, coming home is something I always look forward to. Plus, my parents always have holiday doormats on rotation, so they weren’t in need. The color palette was teal, white, gray, and yellow, so I went with the simplest things.

IMG_9386 Yes, that is a happy little hammerhead shark.

The hard part was finding a table to accommodate our crew of five. The great thing about this type of social outing is you don’t have to sit around and wait for your paint to dry. It gave us an opportunity to circulate and mingle as well as nibble and imbibe. I hadn’t realized over fifty people were slated to be in attendance until everyone showed up! Sarah is a fantastic hostess and her team put on a fantastic event. I cannot wait until the next even is released. Hopefully, the scheduling gods will be merciful and grant me the night off. Fingers crossed, y’all!


Most of the usual suspects in our obligatory Epic Selfie!

Event Date: October 23, 2014

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