Now that school’s is back in session and the summer heat is tapering off, I am excited for autumn’s arrival. Being a September baby and a Jersey Girl, growing up in Pompton Lakes, I would eagerly await the arrival of fall. Yes, school would be back in session, but the leaves would change, Halloween would come, Thanksgiving was around the corner and then BOOM! Christmas vacation. It also helped that my birthday was always floating around Labor Day weekend and my sister’s was hovering about Turkey Day.

After a lengthy discussion with Doc about wanting to resume a more active lifestyle, especially while flying, he surprised me with a FitBit Flex for my birthday. It breaks my heart that I’ve regained twenty-five pounds since January, and it cannot stand any longer. I worked too hard last summer to get down to 125, and I stupid things like breakups and work stress defeat the months of hard work and training I put into losing weight.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my company is participating in Walktober, an employee wellness program. The daily goal is 10,000 steps per day. With a FitBit already in my possession, I didn’t have to purchase one to participate. My thought process was pretty much: “Well, I already have the equipment, so why wouldn’t I?” While my colleagues are building up teams, I am currently on the hunt for a team to join. I’m not setting out with the end game of winning overall. I do not have enough leisurely layovers to permit such lofty goals, but if I shoot for one of the three tiered ranges, I should achieve my personal step goal on a daily and weekly basis!

Keeping with the autumnal theme, daily step counts are assigned colored leaves. The goal is to collect 20-25 leaves throughout the month. I’m setting my goal on the higher end, but if I aim to keep my personal training and FitBit goals, I should be hitting 31 out of 31. (Fingers crossed, Y’all!)

Red: 6,000-7,999 Steps (30-44 minutes)
Orange: 8,000-9,000 Steps (45-59 minutes)
Yellow: 10,000+ Steps (60+ minutes)

I sincerely hope that Walktober will push me toward the lifestyle I previously had. With the holidays around the corner, I need to get back to where I was in order to survive the temptation. The holidays are always difficult, so I want to be at my best well before the holly and garland gets rolled out. Perhaps, if I do well, I’ll save up for a little post-Walktober award like that fancy Tory Burch metal hinged bracelet. I should be able to afford it by January. 😉

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