Weekend Roundup

Getting back into the swing of things after two glories weeks of paid vacation was not as rough as I anticipated. On the flip side, Apple’s update to iOS 8X for iPad and iPhone made for a frustrating week. My apologies for the delayed postings and errors. I wish I could just skate all my frustrations out! Oh wait… 😉


New Content This Week!

  • Derby Dames – I went to my first Women’s Flat Track Roller Debry bout! Go Thundah!!


[Writing 101] This week, I largely focused on getting back to basics with a writing seminar. While I was not able to complete the daily assignments as assigned on time, I took the time to finish them prior to the next deluge arriving on Monday. It feels good to be flexing the thinking cap again.

  • Unlock the Mind (9/15) – Introductory task, written over pints of ale in Dublin, Ireland.
  • A View (9/16) – an exercise in setting and description.
  • Song Trio (9/17) – Pick the top three songs of your life?!
  • Serially Lost (9/18) – First of a three part installment about loss and coping.
  • Be Brief (9/19) – Keep it simple, but respond to the situation.

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