Derby Dames

When Drew Barrymore directed Whip It I hadn’t realized that it was based on Shauna Cross’ novel Derby Girl. Additionally, I didn’t know that it was loosely based on Cross’ own derby days in TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls. Cross later skated as”Maggie Mayhem” for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. I loved the movie, and wished desperately that I had the chops to become a Hurl Scout, too! Little did I know that I would be attending a bout in my backyard!


Deland’s Thunder City Derby Sirens’ home track is located at the Volusia County Fair Grounds. Thankfully, someone thoughtfully placed signage pointing the way to the derby! Their guests were The All City Rollers Hunnies. Keep in mind, I know zilch about roller derby aside from what I saw in Whip It, so words cannot begin to describe how relieved I was that their program not only gives basic derby lingo, but rules, referee signs, and rosters for both of the teams. While “suicide seating” (AKA sitting along the taped off floor area surrounding the track) was bountifully availble, we snagged a primo spot in the bleachers, giving us a great view of the track.

IMG_6770.JPG Speedy action! Everything’s a blur!

There is something about a small town that can really turn my head on its side. This is a good thing, honest. In my day to day melee of airports, airplanes, hotels, highways, and vans, I forget how close-knit small towns can be, and more importantly how they can come together to support each other in causes they believe in. The event benefitted Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County. I love that TCDS unites under purple, and helps give back to the community! Spectators were able to visit the booth, sign-up for an e-mail newsletter, and obtain valuable information about the various services available. Additionally, the team are activists supporting women’s, animal & environmental issues! Rock on!

Along with the info booth, spectators could enjoy face painting, buying into the multiple raffle drawings, dress and pose at the photo booth, and buy Thundah-wear! (I’m such a sucker for a killer pun!) I saw a guy frosting cupcakes, but he wasn’t sharing, so that bummed me out a little.

IMG_6772.JPGDerby Debut in Purple! Go THUNDAH!!

The scoring system and positioning of the players takes a little time to get the hang of, but once the bout begins it’s virtually non-stop the entire time! With the handy dandy photo list of the players, I felt confident to cheer for them by name. Before the half, I already had some marked as my favorites (and not simply for their clever naming)! It was really excited to support a home team in the place I consider close to home. Unfortunately, we wound up attending their last bout of the season, so I’ll have to wait until next year to cheer the ladies on!

For those wishing to lace up and join, the Sirens are having a recruiting event on October 16th. Contact the Sirens for details! As it turns out, both of the names I came up with were actually taken. No, Tequila Mockingbird or Stone Cold Jane Austen for this little lady. Though, I didn’t manage to check to see if Kahrenheit was available… Hmm…

Bout Date: September 13, 2014

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