Song Trio [W101]

Today’s Challenge issued quite a tall order, and I certainly cannot tell if these are the top three definitive selections in the soundtrack of my life. The ones selected only reflect pivotal perspectives in my life frmo a current vantage point.  There are other songs which I cared about in the past, but I elected to relinquish their ownership of critical songs in my life.

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

The Twist: …we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day

“Niji” 「 虹」(“Rainbow”) by Masaharu Fukuyama – August 2003, I moved to Japan. The hit movie, Waterboys, was quickly made into a TV series. Unlike Adam Sandler’s film about a grown man serving as a football team’s water boy, this film was about a synchronized swimming team at an all boys’ high school in Saitama, Japan. Yes, it is based on a true story. The theme song was written and performed by my favorite Japanese musician. I would later see him in concert and get to see him perform this song live near the end of my tenure in Japan.

Each summer I lived in Japan, friends from around the world would leave as their contracts ended, and a new batch of fresh-faced “foreigners” would arrive ready to make a difference in our teeny, tiny prefecture of Tottori. Even now, I still remember the feeling I had arriving in that small agricultural city and knowing my life would change forever.

“The Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine – I came across this song when I first started running, and it is one of the staples of my running play lists. I cannot have a bad day, and if I do, I simply turn this song on and go with it. It may not be one of the more mainstream songs to utilize as a power song, but it’s offbeat anthem is positive. When I cannot take another step or when the tears start to fall, I think about how far I’ve come with my life. I remember what I have triumphed over in order to be where I am day. I am thankful that the bad is behind me.

If I ever learned how to sing and managed to exorcise my stage fright, this would be a song I love to try. It’s got a wicked pace, but a metric ton of vocal acrobatics. In the mean time, I may just keep dying my hair the same firey red from time to time.

“I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons – Banjos. I never thought on Orlando radio and all over American Top 40, that I would ever hear banjos. Last summer, this song was my highway driving anthem, particularly on Interstate Four. While I still haven’t figured out all the lyrics to it, the music runs straight through the soul as it was intended. I’d gladly substitute a country back road or the open highway, roll down the windows, and soak in the sunshine.

I’m not a particularly religious girl, but this tune stirs a revival of faith; maybe not necessarily in Faith, but in a faith in others, an ability to trust and believe that there are folks worth waiting and fighting for. Call me sentimental, but this song hits deep for me. Too many songs in the modern era have absolutely no meat to them. They are full of bogus sentiment, meaningless self-promotion, and quite frankly terrible music. This song makes mewant to give eveything up and move to a cabin in the woods where I could find simplicity from the rat race.


Word Count: 515
Timer: 15 Minutes (minimum)
Assignment: September 17, 2014

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