Weekend Roundup

Week two of Karen Fest 2014 is well underway. In between zipping all over Central Florida Area, I have been thinking a heap about what I want to do with myself now that I am now inching my way to forty! I have so many reasons to be thankful, and this week’s writing took a sharp departure to the fully-celebratory mode, diving into some of the heavier, meaty contemplation running around inside my head. Thirty-five started off with a bang, and I am loving every minute of getting better with age.


New Content This Week!

  • Transatlantic Schedule – I picked up two international trips for later in the month. I promised myself any extra hours would be worthwhile locations, so I found two I haven’t been to in a year! Where am I going?
  • Writing Challenge – I am tasking myself to experiment more with the writing section of Read Run Write. I found something to help get back on the horse.
  • Getting Nibbly With It – Back on June 30, I attended Bite Night, the culmination of Orlando’s month long celebration of prix fixe menus named Bite30.
  • Gainesvile Getaway – One the first half of my official birth weekend, I went back to my old college stomping grounds, and learned several valuable life lessons.
  • Fit2Run Fun – I teamed up with two of my favorite running gal pals who are pure inspiration. I laced up in a town I swore I would never visit again, and wound up having an eye-opening experience.
  • Vegan Hall of Famer Smoothie – What better way to celebrate good, ole Woman Crush Wednesday than with a smoothie from two kick booty dames?
  • Dinner With Hemingway – My foodie posse and head over to the resorts area for a Magical Dining Month experience. Let’s just say, I’m still knocking off the pixie dust!


Product Review – While I have reviewed some items in the past, this is the first foray of mine with a complimentary item from a vendor.

  • Snacking Reinvented – a substantial review of graze, a mail order company providing healthy snacks. They have become one of my traveling buddies, and making my solo tea times and happy hours a bit healthier.

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