Transatlantic Schedule

With my vacation and on call chewing up a substantial portion of September, I promised myself in the spirit of Karen Fest 2014, that if I were to pick up any extra work, it would have to be international flying. It has been tough picking and choosing where I would like to go, as should a desirable trip present itself, one must act fast or one misses out. Without hesitation, I picked up two trips and I am totally excited about making these jaunts across the Atlantic Ocean.

Dublin, Ireland (9/15) – By and large, Dublin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. It is big enough to have a little bit of everything, but small enough that I can easily navigate the city center without relying on public transportation. While I love my Guinness and Jameson, I need to find new things to check out while I am in town. I’ve also seen the Book of Kells and the magnificent library at Trinity College. Weather permitting: I’m tackling a bridge run through the city center. Suggestions?

249191_10151655211161774_996036719_nSt. Stephen’s Green (June 2013)

Brussels, Belgium (10/1) – I scored a Brussels last spring and went there with absolutely no plan at all. On a whim, I picked it up off the trip swap board, packed my bags, and had a fabulous time. This time around, I am doing a little research and make a task list that I would like to tackle on subsequent visits. Weather permitting, I would love to get a run through town in! Thoughts?

268946_10151625178576774_213127996_nMy first proper Delirium Tremens (May 2013)

When preparing for a trip, which sites do you use for researching activities to do? How many of you go old school and hit up the travel section at a book store or library? Do  you ask friends who have previously visited for their top rankings of must-see items? I tend to stick to what I know, but I am on a mission to branch out and explore! I’ve been using Yelp*, but it gets a little tricky in cities with a smaller following. I’m turning to Discover Ireland and Visit Brussels to see what I can find out!

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  1. My thoughts? If I may, I know you like beer and I know you know that a trip to Brussells calls for beer tasting, I’m sure you’ll discover and maybe get a different perspective there on Belgium beers you may have tried home, a Blanche de Bruges maybe? Lots of good beers to try. Here is the wiki french site I found where you will find the main Abbey beers (trappistes).'abbaye#Trappistes.

    Another known fact, Belgium is renown for their Moules Frites. Here is one place Iwhat I found on Trip advisor (one of my sources for things to do or not when I travel) :

    Here is a very interesting artcicle from the NY times on the subject of restaurants in Brussels I think you will enjoy:

    As I mentioned, I like trip advisor to find out things to see. Since you have a short time in the city, I’m assuming you may want to hit the more or less known attractions, and once in a while with a few gems to discover. Sometimes I found some comments on tripadvisor that sparked a desire to go out of the beaten paths for an evening or an afternoon.

    Another one of my favor sources is Rick Steeves (I think your Mom likes him too:) He can provide some interesting insights.

    Travel for me is what I have heard or read about that speaks to me. It can be very touristy or even tacky but utlimately, it needs to be (even for short trips) something I love to do, see, eat, drink, listen to and will remember for the rest of my life.

    All in all, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it regardless. Your writing is inspiring and I have to admit I’m a bit envious of all the travel. So please carry on and let us dream through your depictions.

    Love Céline XOX


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