Weekend Round Up

Summer is mercifully over, and I am in the throws of two weeks of paid vacation. Making time to write has been difficult, but I realized how much I have missed it. The days are quickly peeling away toward my 35th Birthday, and I am ready to embrace another year of adventure! Here’s what’s been going on with me outside of Karen Fest 2014!


Gratuitous amounts of summer flying!

This Week’s New Content:

  • Debut in Zürich – One of my backlogged trip reports from my first visit to the land of Heidi, Chocolate, and some of the cutest cows in the world!
  • Venetian Finds – A last minute trip Venice pick-up turned into an adventure with some lovely ladies in a city I dreamed of revisiting for quite a long time.
  • Viva Madrid – So a Japanese Girl, Puerto Rican Girl, and an American Girl walk into a bar… and another bar… and yet another bar. Our designated Spanish speaker takes two first timers on a whirlwind pub crawl through the heart of Madrid.
  • Chilean Out in Santiago – After a dreadful trip to Georgetown, Guyana two and a half years ago, I swore I would never go to South America again. However, Crew Scheduling had something completely different in mind.
  • Tick Tock, Wine O’Clock – An overview of the wine I’ve managed to collect on three of my big summer trips abroad.
  • Sin City Fly By – I had 19 hours to make it count is Las Vegas, and there was much responsible fun to be had.
  • Arnold Day X – An unofficial Yelp* event and non-traditional lunch date celebrating Schwarzenegger involved free swag, great pizza, and Arnie flicks.
  • Brewery Ribbon Cutting – Florida Beer Company’s Grand Opening of their new digs complete with food trucks, free beer, and the unveiling of a new Brew?!
  • Pop Up Shopper Preview – A last minute Yelp*Elite access event for The Daily City’s The Pop Up Shop, highlighting 30 local businesses in Orlando.


Running – I took a stroll down memory lane and pieced together my racing history. While this blog was started well after I started running in 2009, I hope it gives everyone a little perspective on my running journey thus far. As far as I can tell, this is my comprehensive list, including two recent race registrations!


Barney disapproves my workaholic tendencies!

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