Arnold Day X

I happened upon exciting celebration at Lazy Moon Pizza near UCF in Orlando: Arnold Day X!! The stipulation for the free swag was not only being one of the first to respond, but provide one’s favorite Ah-nold quote. With my flight schedule, I am almost certainly guaranteed to miss out on first come first serve swag, but I surprised myself by being one of the first to repond. When I pitched the idea to Doc as a precursor to our brewery opening road trip, he was excited to dive into my Yelp* world.

IMG_5253-0.JPG “Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.”

As luck would have it, Doc had a Arnie film I hadn’t seen. I quickly learned that my Arnold Day experience would not be complete without seeing one of the quintessential Schwarzenegger staples: Predator. It may worth mentioning that my favorite Arnie film of all time is Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and while I love classic Arnie action flicks, I had never seen Predator. So, Doc took me to school before we left for Lazy Moon, and we enjoyed all the glory of “getting to do choppa.” Initially, I thought Arnold Day was just a fun festive way to celebrate the former governor of Califonia, but it turns out, it was also a charity fund raiser for After-school All-Stars. While they had a fundraising web page, I didn’t learn about it until well after the event concluded.

IMG_1419.JPG Like Marshall and Lily Erickson, our first movie together: Predator

While the event was scheduled to run from noon until 2AM, my evening was already locked down with tickets to the grand opening of the new Florida Beer Company’s Tasting Room and facilities. The first film shown was Pumping Iron, the documentary about his time on the body building circuit. We arrived midway through the film, but it was really neat to see who he was prior to becoming an action star.

I really liked how festive the partygoers were. There were plenty of Arnold-themed shirts, table decorations, and posters all over the place. The audio from the films were piped through the restaurant, but at a volume that was acceptable for patrons to carry on their personal conversations, too. The bocce ball court was ready to go, and a steady flow of guests rolled in. Once we settled in our table, the momentum picked up, and I went and claimed my Arnie v-neck.


Taking a peek at the bottled beer selection, I picked the Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter. Interestingly enough, I first discovered Einstök the week before while on my first date with Doc. Although we were in Winter Park’s Wine Room, we elected to have post-museum beers to continue breaking the ice. I really dug their pale ale, and I thoroughly enough their porter. It was not exactly the one I should have started with lunch with, but my massive slice of pizza needed a Viking-level beverage.


When it came to our second round, I asked our server which beer she recommend in the spirit of the Austrian Man of the Day, and she mentioned they had ‘some Austrian beer’. I was delighted to find out it wasn’t just ‘some Austrian beer,’ but Stiegl Grapefruit Radler which is fantastic in the Florida heat. It has a nice fruity finish, and I drained it quickly while we watched True Lies. There was talk about random free beers for participants, but sadly we were not privy to such treats, despite Doc’s wicked “Get to da choppa!!”

Event Date: July 26, 2014

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