Pop Up Shopper Preview

It has been ages since I’ve been able to attend a Yelp* Elite event, so when a last minute opportunity to preview the Daily City‘s Fall 2014 Pop Up Shop in South of Downtown Orlando arose, I jumped quickly to the RSVP. I was in the middle of commuting back to Florida when the RSVP system went live, so I feared I missed out as these opportunities go like hot cakes! I got in with a group of my Yelp* Sisterhood, so we met up and perused the goods!


Reunited with my favorite running Yelp Sisters!

The Pop Up Shop is tucked away in the Sodo Shopping Center (Suite 179, right in front of the Target), but easy enough to find. Stand with your back to the Super Target and it’s the corner unit on the right hand building. The greater challenge is finding a parking spot as those are at a premium. The preview event went from 6PM-9PM, but we breezed in and out within 35 minutes. This was largely in part to a week night event starting while many were still battling traffic on I-4 and around downtown. Personally, I liked being there when the doors opened, simply because I didn’t need to fight throngs of people to enjoy my evening. Things can get hairy at media previews, especially with everyone trying to be the first to photograph, post, and blog. There was no free WiFi available, so I waited until I got home.


Halloween information released after Labor Day. I approve.

As soon as you walk in the door, on cannot miss the set up by The Orlando Shuffle! Nope, not a new dance winning Orlandoans over, but a crew reviving the game of shuffle board! After a crash course, Meghan and I had a neck and neck challenge, but I edged out an eight-point win at the very end. Well, what we thought was the very end. One game doesn’t end after each player slides their biscuits across the board. The first to 75 points wins! With out arm and luck, we could have been there all night long. There is a shuffle board trophy in the middle of the board, indicating a concrete patch that was recently patched up. We joked it was an obstacle like mini-golf. I better start learning from the folks over at the New Smyrna Shuffle Board club, so I can take Orlando by storm next time!


Ready for that Golden Girls’ House

The Pop Up Shop Preview had complimentary hors d’oeuvres (bruschetta and cucumber/salmon canapés) by OLV, cocktail samples by Bungalow 23, tasty cups of pop corn Project Pop, and a selection of chocolates J & G Tea and Chocolates. It was great to listen to the vendors talk about their passions and missions with regard to food.


 Mr. Henderson is ready! Are you?

The girls and I sampled the mixers Mr. Henderson of B23, and while I tried the Prickly Pear Margarita, I took home a bottle of Pear Ginger Martini ($15/bottle). I’m kicking myself now for not buying all three. Each bottle comes with three ways to serve: On the Rocks, Martini Up, & Champagne Cocktail. We also received a bonus card with six additional recipes (two per mixer).


Major makes magic with her healthy & happy popped kernels!

Major at Project Pop really caught my attention with her radiant energy and her desire for tasty and healthy snacking. Her popped corn is something to keep an eye out for! Don’t wag your finger at the $6/bag price tag because the flavor and positive mojo is worth so much more!


OLV Cafe serves up fancy bruschetta!

I truly appreciated the folks at OLV for pouring me a glass of champagne since the mango mimosa would have caused a bit of havoc and killed the chill vibe.


 Meghan and I have this thing where I take photos her Yelping.

J&G Chocolate & Tea bowled us over with chocolate covered bacon and truffles with chai tea and peach pie! They have little gift boxes available, too!

Spa Priveè offered complimentary chair massages, so in the spirit of KarenFest 2014, I took one for the team and had a seat. Though some may say the massages were a little too strong for their taste, I was in paradise. The last massage I enjoyed was back in January and my back was all tangled up like a kindergartener’s shoelaces. Amanda asked me where I carried my stress, and when I explained to her my line of work and how tight my back can be, she took on the challenge with absolute grace. My shoulders and lower back, in particular, get rather fussy when I am overworked. I nearly fell asleep in the chair, and thankfully none of my friends could figure out where I went, so there are no embarrassing photos of me either! Their spa packages are competitively priced, but I’ll still need to save up a little because my ten dollar coupon won’t get me too far.


Like opening Pandora’s Box, but fluffy and sweet!

I could not bring myself to leave without bringing home boxes Wondermade Marshmallows in Bourbon and Apple Cinnamon. Go check out their intro video on how to make rather epic s’mores. With the fall and holiday season upon us, I am excited to try these out. I am curious to see if they would go well with cocktails, too.

The check-out process was surprisingly simple. Like most shops, one simply takes their purchases to the front counter. Have that plastic and your signing finger ready. Here are the other key factors for your shopping convenience!

Wed Sept 3rd , 6p – 9p (opening night party)
Thurs Sept 4th, Noon – 8p
Fri Sept 5th, Noon – 9p
Sat Sept 6th , 10a – 8p
Sun Sept 7th, 10a – 6p

SHUFFLEBOARD: Free to play! (DO EEEET!!)
CREDIT CARD ONLY: We’re only accepting credit cards. No cash or checks.

I need to talk to the folks responsible for all the fantastic work put into this event especially The Daily City Yelp*Orlando because it’s such an awe-inspiring things to see the community coming together. I also love the work by The Orlandoan (local guide; Orlando Swag). I really need to throw an “Orlando Doesn’t Suck” shirt into my flight bag. It would make an amazing layover shirt. I’m new to Bungalower, another amazing local guide for the Folks of Orlando, but I’m quickly becoming a fan!

The rundown of all the other participants! Give them all a little love!!


I devoured the State of Florida (Cookies; $2)… Twice!

Great holiday or every day gifts for all the dapper dudes (and dudettes): Cloak & Dapper (fine menswear and goods), 12 Degrees West (original leather goods), Restoration Vintage (men’s vintage apparel), Form Function Form (leather goods)

Local Foodie Favorites: Yum Yum Cupcakes (Florida shaped cookies and a candy marking their hometown city of Orlando), Valhalla Bakery (cupcakes), Lineage Coffee (Coffee Roasters), Credo (Coffee with Purpose),Juice Lab (Cold pressed juices), & Tamale Co. (food truck)

Home Decor, Stationery, Notions, House wears: Rifle Paper Co. (stationery), LURE (more stationery), The Paper Cub Co. (and more stationery),  Nathan Selikoff (Orlando Edition Journal with Map on the cover!), Hog Eat Hog (online retailer), Summerhaus (vintage/custom furniture), Craft A Brew (beer brewing kit), Whisk & Bowl (fulfilling every possible baking need aside from personal baker), Bookmark It (book seller; free bookmarks), Hampton Chopping Blocks,Terrariums by Raychel, Escentual Harmony Soaps (artisan soaps), Bonnie B Tailoring (decor designer),sass and peril (onsies and prints) & Adrienne Romine (local artist)

Fantastic finds for the fancy ladies: Chronicle Stones (urban boho jewerly), Market Colors (fair trade accessories), OPP (ladies’ vintage apparel), Retromended (ladies’ retro & vintage), Tammy Jo Designs (clothier), Win some Lose some (accessories), Wit & Bloom (floral crowns for everybody!) & Good Company Co. (vintage apparel)

I wish there was a way to better identify the folks representing all these businesses at the event. I had questions for many of them, but I couldn’t actually tell if they were in attendance (except for the food trucks as they were not parked any where I could see). I am going to try and make it back on Sunday (BIRTHDAY) for a few more items. Where should I start? Note books? Cards? Recipe box? T-shirts? Decisions. Decisions.

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