Weekend Update

Greetings from Santigo, Chile! (I’ll explain later. I promise.) I’ve been having a rather productive week on call, so here’s what I’ve been working on. While there are some upcoming posts, I decided to flesh out several pages that have unfortunately been collecting dust as they were more time consuming.


Flight Map – Curious to know where I’ve visited since I started flying professionally? Want to know where I dream of visiting? The list is by no means completely comprehensive as I am sure there might have been places I’ve missed accidently.


Links – I haven’t figured out a way to make all my online branches turn into nifty little icons, so for the time being, drop by here if you feel like following my adventures. Instagram, Untappd, and Yelp* in particular often get lots of the behind-the-scenes details of my adventures.

Policies – Taking notes from friends with far more successful blogs including paid advertizements, product reviews, and event reviews, I followed suit and added this section.

Content *Updated

  • Landing Lips – My tips for keeping my pucker pretty in a continual series of airports, airplanes, and hotels.
  • Open Letter to Run or Dye – I was so excited about running my first paint race. Note the past tense.


There are a couple of bigger and more far more exciting announcements in the works, but I would like to save those for Karen Fest 2014!! What’s #KarenFest2014, one might ask? It’s my annual month long celebration of my birthday. This year, I turn thirty-five, so I am looking to make some serious memories.

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