Deep Down Greed

I have been racking my brain over a design scheme for my bathroom since I moved home last spring. I quickly found a shower curtain I liked and selected linens shortly there after, but the walls have remained bare for well over a year. It wasn’t for lack time or budgetary constraints. I was simply at a wash for what I wanted to do with it the space. After receiving a The Little Mermaid poster by Eric Tan, inspiration finally hit.

20140623-103502-38102353.jpgI bought this shower curtain in Honolulu.

Ask my friends who my favorite Disney Princess is and each and every one of them will without hesitation tell you it’s Ariel. If you ask them which character is my Disney “Husband” you might be surprised to find (Tarzan’s abs be damned) that Goofy is my pick! So when Disney Parks Blog posted about their June merchandise events, I was tickled not only to see that they used Greg McCullough’s “Deep Down Greed” as the teaser image, my gut immediate knew that a copy of that print needed to be part of my bathroom scheme. I initially discovered McCullough’s work last year at Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios, but I was so overwhelmed by the designs that I never selected one of his works to take home with me. When DPB announced that he would be showcasing his works at Art of Disney in Epcot, I decided it was high time that I added a piece of his work to my collection. The added bonus is the opportunity to meet the artist and discuss their work. There is a small handful of folks who achieve the distinction of Disney Fine Artist, so it was a pleasure to meet one of them.

20140623-102408-37448196.jpgOne of my favorite DisArtists, Greg!

I celebrated a friend’s birthday at Epcot that morning, so when I learned that Mr. McCullough was going to in house between 1pm and 9pm, I made it a point to stop by The Art of Disney before heading east. I was happy to see that there was a modest group of folks checking out his work, and thankfully that the print I wanted was still available. The richness of the color and attention to detail is incredible, so I am glad I plucked up the courage to invest in a quality piece. What I love about artists like Greg McCullough is that they are down to earth and humble. Previously, I had met some artists who are pretentious, tortured, and bizarre, so to meet someone grounded and grateful like Mr. McCullough truly makes investing in his hard work, truly pleasurable. He was kind enough to pose for a photo with me after signing my copy. Doubly so, I was thankful that he was willing to retake the photo when the first one came out horribly back lit.

20140623-102407-37447207.jpgCheck out the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus in the back!

Upon returning home, I showed off the piece to my mom who suggested I use one of the frame they were no longer using. I opted for a simple black metal frame as the details on the gorgeous double matte, I didn’t want to detract from it with a crazy frame. The ventilation on my bathroom isn’t as good as I like, so I don’t want to hang it too close to the shower. The wall opposite the shower beside the sink may be the best place for it.

Now, I have to find the five Hidden Mickeys in the print!

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