Goal Setting

Meghan has inspired me again. Today, she confessed her frustration with motivation and issued herself a personal challenge: setting six goals to accomplish in six weeks. Instead of just giving her a thumbs up and cheering her on, I’m doing what any friend should: I’m issuing myself a 6-in-6 challenge to myself, too.

Bottom line, I’m unhappy with allowing myself to fall into a funk and imbibing/dining my feelings. This was something I promised myself I would never do again, so I am having a difficult time coming to terms with going back on a promise to myself. Enough is enough, I’m putting on the big girl panties and throwing down the gloves.

1. Blogilates: Lately, some of the hotels I have been staying at doesn’t have facilities that tickle my fancy. Yes, I need to run more to prepare for my races in the fall, but I’ve been in such a workout rut. After consulting my yogi-in-training sister, she recommended Carrey Ho’s POP Pilates for Beginners. I’ve noticed my core has been weak, and it’s starting to affect my running stance and more importantly posture. Carrey is challenging me to hit the mat (or hotel towels) six days a week with workouts focusing on total body, upper body, lower body, and abs. Maybe I’ll have that six pack by 35.

2. Running: A couple of months back, I told myself I would focus on shorter distances throughout the summer months, waiting for the summer heat to taper off before I resume longer training runs for Avengers Half in November. I’ve signed up for some virtual races, but I have been terrible about logging miles. After a year and a half with the same running shoes, I’ve noticed some leg fatigue, so I am wondering if it’s time to invest in a new pair to break in by the fall. I’m setting the bar at 3 runs per week with a distance of no less than 5K. If I have to walk, I walk. For now, I’m going to focus on mileage between 5K (3.1Mi) to 10K (6.2Mi)

3. Writing: My backlog is rapidly growing, and before I start forgetting things, I need to sit and write. I would like to post twice a week, but block off at least 30 minutes daily to work on content. With summer flying, I need to be realistic about how much time and mental fortitude I will have remaining while between flights or layovers.

4. Adult Beverage Intake: Between challenging myself to try many different craft beers and completing a wine education course at work, I have spent more on beverages than I’d like. Though I am experiencing a much wider variety of beer and wine and starting to develop my preferences and palate, I am not expending enough energy to offset my consumption. As much as I would love to abstain like I did last summer while on Ideal Protein, I know that it would be short lived. I’d like to limit my drinks to one per layover, and two while out with friends.

5. Hydration: A follow-up to #4 ABI, I have not kept up with my 100 ounces of water a day, and it’s showing in my skin. This is crucial when I am flying, especially with summer here. Between the summer heat mixed the pressurized air and flying six days on and having three days off, exhaustion is already showing on my face. I like when people think I am close to ten years younger than I actually am, but that only comes with hydration. This also has affected my running and sleep, so I better start hitting the H2O bottle.

6. Half-Off: Since completing Ideal Protein and returning to “normal food,” I have gained back over ten pounds. I currently weigh in at 139, and at 129 I feel great, but I don’t look too skinny (like I do at 125). Over the next six weeks, I would like to shave off five pounds. If not that, I would like my clothes to fit closer to a solid size four than a size six. With the addition of Pilates as cross training for running, I anticipate building muscle, I do not know if vaporizing five pounds of fat will completely happen.

I know what I need to do to make this happen, so I hope that you’ll join me on this journey. I’m hoping to keep Saturdays as a day of rest unless, I’ve slacked on fitness-related goals.

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