The Iron Throne

All the way from Westeros, George R. R. Martin’s most notorious piece of palace furniture, The Iron Throne made it’s way to Orlando. The seat of power responsible for countless deaths in Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire saga found it’s way to the Bright House Network’s Customer Care Center (1906 S. Semoran Blvd.) as a promotional piece for their home security and control event. Cecille tipped me off, so I might take what is rightfully mine without the hassle of campaigning and hacking down others vying for The Throne. My dragons are still in the shop.

“I will take what is mine with Fire and Blood.”

Although I am a BHN subscriber, I live roughly 45 minutes away from Orlando. I’m thankful that the address was included on the advertisements for the event because Semoran has countless strip malls leading up the Orlando International Airport (where I didn’t feel like visiting on a day off). My GPS got me into the parking lot, but not as close to the action as I wanted. As I guessed, I parked on the complete opposite side of the parking lot, but the trade off was that I got a little morning cardio (as if my heart weren’t pounding already)! Discovering the sign outside the BHTV office, but seeing no line, I became worried. Although the event started at 9AM and ran until 5:30PM, I would have thought there would have been a mob. Rounding the corner, I found a small tent and a surprisingly short line. Granted, I arrived at 8:20 in the morning, but I still expected a far greater turn out.

I can’t contain my excitement!

I hopped into line, seeing only ten people in front of me. A few others arrived while I waited for my friends, not nearly the turnout I would have expected for a series that has such a rabid following. Perhaps with the event being on a Friday, and it going to a much larger event in Tampa on the next day, it’s possible that many of the would-be usurpers slept in or did the responsible thing like go to work or school. (Fear not, this was the perfect way to kick off my week off prior to being flown into the ground over Memorial Day Weekend.) Two friends from across the pond were in town for a wedding, and it was great to catch up with Jen & Justin. For those keeping track, I spent New Year’s Eve with them in London!  We caught up while waiting in line, but it moved quite fast, and before we knew it, we were standing before the hot seat.

My Fellow Usurpers visiting from London!

The BHTV Office is small, but tucked in the corner between the two entrances, was none other than the HBO-interpretation of The Iron Throne. I am glad they went with a slightly more portable version of the Throne as Martin’s original vision may have required it being precariously parked outside the building. Part of the enjoyment in ascending to one’s rightful place was the simplicity of the process. No bodies to step over. No quibbling council members begging for job security. Sadly, no hot Captain of the Guard either. Just a couple of really confused locals who wanted to simply pay their monthly bill. I did like that the Throne came with its own two tiered platform, giving the occupant a semi-royal experience. For those taking a close gander at the Throne for the Gandalf’s Sword Glamgring, you won’t find it, or at least, we couldn’t find it! For those curious, this rendition was not iron, so it was surprisingly comfortable to sit in.

Each person was allowed two photos taken by professional photographer, and the print outs were free of charge! Also, visitors were given the opportunity to Tweet, E-mail, and share their bragging rights on Facebook and Google+ for free as well! With a small queue for the Throne, the staff was also merciful to allow an opportunity for retakes, as “all men must die,” but there is no sense in leaving a shoddy photograph of one’s triumph! I only liked one of my two, so here it is. I’ve been told now that my hair is brown again, I have a resemblance to Natalie Dormer’s Margery Tyrell, the Realm’s cursed bride-to-be. Thoughts?

Quiet in the Realm…

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