My first time in Tucson, and I set out with a simple agenda: hit up Trader Joe’s for some healthy eats for the remainder of my rotation, and check out the Sentinel Peak Brewing Company! Another state paying homage to the craft beer industry, Arizona boasts they have the Arizona Ale Trail, so who am I to pass on a chance to take a hike? After having an in room picnic and hitting up the gym, beer o’clock started calling my name like a pack of coyotes.

Beating the heat with 1811 Desert Blonde

I perched at the bar, and took a gander at the menu. Unsure what I wanted to snack on, I ordered the Desert Blonde, when I heard, “Her drink’s on me.” Now, I’m not a girl who goes to bars expecting anyone to offer to buy me a drink. Usually, I just want to sip my brews in peace, but then I realized my First Officer was sitting next to me. It’s funny how I can’t recognize most people I fly with while in civilian clothes. A junior flight attendant doesn’t wag a finger when pilots offer to buy them no-strings-attached beverages, and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time any of the pilots I flew with offered to buy the first round (or any round for that matter0, so I went with it. He recommended the Chicken Tacos, and I was not disappointed in the least. They were stellar!

20140424-084957.jpgThe draft list rotates, so check the chalkboard!

I love sampling beers, especially when I am fairly uncertain that such a gloriously long layover may not drop into my lap again any time soon, so I was thrilled to find out SPBC has $8 beer flights. The FO and I went in on one, so we could enjoy more of the brew menu before committing to our next round of pints. Yes, I am aware that I could have asked for a sample sip, but sometimes, I do not feel like it gives me enough to make an educated decision. I did sample the Monsoon Dunkel, which definitely sold me on the second round. While we were chatting with our bar tender, one of the owners came over and joined in the conversation! Turns out SPBC was started by three local firefighters and they a heap of charity work, including having the profits of one of their brews going toward Autism Awareness! When I asked which dipping sauce I should enjoy with my Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks, he said “all of them,” so I did! If refrigeration wasn’t an issue and we didn’t have two days left on the trip, I would have attempted schlepping home a growler to share with the family!

Solnitza Imperial Red, Salida del Sol Ambar, Haboob IPA, & 1811 Desert Blonde

20140424-085051.jpg Dunkel & Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… the afternoon was still scorching hot despite the sun going down. The pool was packed with spring breakers, but the plush benches by the fire pits were empty! We decided there was still plenty of time for a final round so long as it involved dessert. Can I tell you how thrilled Girl Scout Karen was to be able to make s’mores while propping her feet up on the fire pit? Oh man, and better yet, we were able to split two more craft brews: Mother Road’s Lost Highway Black IPA & Deschutes Brewery’s Chainbreaker White IPA. Now, being relatively new to the craft beer scene, I was unaware that India Pale Ales could be black and white. Both were great, and complemented the s’mores perfectly. I had a great time in Tucson, but I definitely have to load up on the SPF 110+ or I will be roasted alive in that desert heat!


Chainbreaker White IPA & Lost Highway Black IPA


Firepits s’mores are a new twist on glamping!

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