Avengers Assemble

Over the last 24 hours, there’s been quite the buzz about the latest addition to the runDisney family, a rumored half marathon that was hinted at during the Princess Half Finisher’s Party at Downtown Disney. A beautiful chalk drawing of a runner busting through the wall, taunting all rD fiends to glue their eyeballs to Facebook for the announcement mysteriously dubbed #SmashTheHalf. The running commentary between the rD fans was firmly split between the camps of Avengers and Star Wars as well as East Coast versus West Side. (Personally, nothing gets “smashed” in Star Wars. Everything is the loving “pew pew” of blasters and the “woooaaooommm” hum of light sabers. Yes, that is my official comment on the Avengers/Star Wars debate.)

Yes, two. Always have a back up plan.

At 11:35 AM (8:35AM PST), the video reveal went up, putting all the debate to bed.

Within the first five seconds, the location is revealed courtesy of the Disneyland Fire Department sign and the unfamiliar Street gas lamps of a Main Street, U.S.A. that isn’t Florida. I’ll admit it, my heart sank a bit as the west coasters rejoiced, but this was a momentary lasp in enthusiasm. The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend is slated for November 14-16, the weekend following The Wine & Dine Half. After the Disneyland Half sold out in less than one day, I was totally bummed out, yet somewhat relieved. Knowing my body, a half marathon in August just seemed like a bad idea. Taking the “everything happens for a reason” approach, I was resigned to not earning my Coast-to-Coast Challenge Medal this year. However, my gumption and more importantly, my motivation, has been renewed!

The upswing is that November is one of the more flexible months with regard to schedule shifting, unlike the summer. Though I initially bid my annual vacation block for my birthday and the Disneyland Half, I am confident that I’ll be able to arrange things, so I can participate without a hitch (…or begging, borrowing, and selling my soul.) If summer flying this year is anything like last year, I’ll need that two week vacation to rest and not do any strenuous running activities. Plus, it gives me more time to save up the money for the race registration ($195), the 5K registration ($70), the Pasta in the Park Party ($135 includes Twilight Admission Ticket) and the hotels. Keeping it positive, folks.

I better Assemble… my money! 😉

The question remains, when will the Star Wars Half Series rumors be quelled? With The Avengers announcement in the open, folks are already chomping at the bit for more, myself included. Folks are suggesting May 2015 at Walt Disney World (East Siiiiiide!) to coincide with the Star Wars Weekends, but unless they eliminate Expedition Everest and make it a night race like Wine and Dine, I am seriously concerned for the welfare and safety of the runners. We have humidity and weather advisories in Florida “Winter” (January/February) for day time races, so a day-time half marathon in May raises a World Showcase worth of red flags. If it’s a night race on WDW property, I would hope that it is closer to the top of the month, when it’s cooler than the gateway to summer. I certainly hope they do no recycle the WDW, Princess, or W&D Half routes. Yes, I know that they are well-oiled machines, but as a loyal rD fan, I love tackling a new course. Just my two cents.

Registration for The Avengers Super Heroes Half opens March 25 at noon EST, but my gal pal and I are already discussing costumes and Disney Bounding outfits, accommodations, and trying to do the math for everything else in between.

KAREN SMASH the HALF…. in tiny purple pants!!

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