Father Daughter Date

Dad and I were enjoying Yuenglings on the porch when I discovered that less than ten minutes away, a new nano-brewery had hung up their shingle in downtown New Smyrna Beach. Then something incredible happened: I convinced my dad to go with me to check it out!

Dad’s my Beerspiration!

In January, my friend, Janelle, introduced me to Untappd, a suggestion made after seeing my posting photos of my beers at Player 1 on Instagram. I hadn’t opened in it several weeks as while flying, my brain was sometimes too fried to remember to check-in at my “crew debriefs.” When I did, I beer-shamed myself into uploading my brew photos for the last month in one go. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to adequately check into locations as most of my recent beer consumption had been out of state while on the fly. Hitting the compass button on the app, New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company popped up in the downtown area! How could we possibly pass that up?

Only 7-weeks old! ❤

Shortly after we moved to NSB, the cupcake shop on Sams Ave closed. For the longest time, I remember the shop window being vacant, but it turns out NSBBC has been setting up shop since July 2013. Chris, the owner, is a knowledgeable guy who takes pride in his craft. The set up is simple, with a long L-shaped bar facing the brewing tanks and a single, flat screen on the wall. On the opposite wall, vintage photos of New Smyrna Beach from the NSB History Museum decorate the wall. Several high-tops which seat four line the shop window, but could easily be rearranged to accommodate larger parties. If the turn out on a rainy Sunday afternoon is any indication of their success, I’m curious to see how busy it gets on a Friday or Saturday night in this tiny town.

Making Brews and Watching Daytona 500!

Dad selected the NSBBC’s Shark Bite Pale Ale ($5/pint) for our first round and I figured I’d kick things off with a beer flight ($7/four 4oz pours). Looking up at the surf boards, I randomly picked from the beers my father didn’t choose. He was surprised by my selection of dark beers, in addition to the light ones. The only item that was tapped out was the root beer (non-alcoholic), but they should have more soon. Sitting at the bar with my dad, we sipped and chatted while watching the rain delay on the Daytona 500, something I feel I don’t do nearly enough. I got to pick his brain a little about his DIY projects and questions about his growing up in Jersey.

Chalking up the Boards!

When time permitted, Chris, talked with us. Dad’s face lit up when he offered to give advice on building an affordable, two-tap kegerator. NSBBC is open Thursdays to Sundays, as the rest of the week lends toward crafting the house brews. He was surprised to learn that I found NSBBC using Untappd, and showed him that there was new rival in the area. Between tending to his patrons, the owner was quite sociable, and incidentally, his father and I work for the same company (and base). I wonder if we’ve flown together! Just when I thought the world couldn’t get smaller…

Two other patrons in town for the 500, Jason & Steve, came in as a result of Untappd. We toasted their visit with a check-in. They were floored by my “beer selfies” because apparently that’s something they’ve never seen on the site. It’s my intention on making the beer selfie (and groupie) a thing. I appreciate my adult beverages. Slainte!

My surfboard shaped beer flight!

From light to dark (or left to right):

Pints with my Pop!

In our attempt to try the whole beer selection, Dad opted for the Florida Lager (FCB; left) & and I elected to give the Stump Knocker Pale Ale (SHB; right) a go for round two. He and I have always had varying tastes in beer, so it was nice to find common ground with the lighter beers. The two brews that caught my attention and led to my heading to NSBBC were currently in the midst of the fermentation process. I’m hoping to try out the Coronado Cream and Inlet Amber Ales on my next visit. It’s my hope that I can eventually help NSBBC out by bringing my friends and family to enjoy this local watering hole. As they’re new to the area and the social media game (“I JUST figured out Facebook!”), I want to help do my utmost to promote this fantastic local business and NSB living.

When my friends visit NSB for the first time, I drag them to The Taco Shack, but now I have a feeling NSBBC will become a key destination in my guided local tour. I can’t wait to go back!

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