ChEARing for Royalty

After an exhausting two-day trip with a reroute that resulted in a twelve hour layover and nearly 19 hours worth of flight time, I was not looking forward to turning around and flying back to the office on Friday morning. Thursday evening, as I prepared to repack my suit case, I got an e-mail from an old friend, one I hadn’t heard from in a long while: the Swap Board. Some fantastically wonderful soul picked up my trip, freeing up my entire weekend. Most normal folks would take the weekend to do chores, pay bills, or unwind at the beach. Fortunately, I am not normal folk, so I threw together some Disney Bounding outfits and zipped down to the Princess Half Marathon Weekend’s Enchanted 10K.

20140223-112911.jpgJealous I didn’t sign up!

I didn’t register for the Princess Half Marathon weekend as I didn’t think I would get the weekend off. I have been having inverse luck when it comes to getting days off for races. If I don’t register for the race, I get the time off. If I do register for the race, unless I’ve bid vacation time, I wind up having to move mountains or fore go my race entirely. With two friends running the 10K, I figured I should get my ChEAR on! I appreciate it when my friends cheer for me, so I do what I can to return the favor when possible. Prior to dragging our sleepy bones to the staging area, we dropped by the Starbucks on US-192 which was mercifully open. A grande Americano with room for cream was my only life line at 4AM.

Seeing Kim off at the start (with coffee)

The volume of runners at runDisney events are nothing short of dizzying, so everyone needs to shuffle into the corrals at least an hour prior to the first heat. With Kim running, Jason and I hung out along the railing listening to the DJ and the announcers. The music was good and the commentary enjoyable, so we settled in for some costume commentary, pointing out all our favorites and taking notes for future races. The Fairy Godmother popped up for the Corral A send off, but flitted away quickly after.  Trying to spot a friend in the corrals at 5AM is always hard, so I missed waving Pat off, but I was able to catch Kim before she started!  I caught sight of my rD girl crushes at the start line. I wanted to take a photo with them, but I chickened out. I am happy that they commented on my photo. Maybe next time, I can pluck together my courage.

Finally! Corral E!

ChEARing basic: Breakfast Bagels

While Kim and Pat ran, Jason and I attended to our second order of business: food. The smaller runDisney races have limited resources, but they do have a concessions truck and tent with some breakfast food. Before our coffees ravaged our systems, we opted for sausage, egg & cheese bagels. I’m convinced this might be the best takeaway breakfast food in all the WDW Property. Well, churros and Mickey waffles would be the absolute best, but neither were readily available at the ESPN food truck. I ran with Pat at Castaway Cay, and based on our 5K time, he was preparing to finish within minutes of our moving to the railings against the finish chute. Knowing that at least another hour would pass before Kim crossed the finish, we walked over to the reunion area to congratulate Pat.

One of my favorite runDudes!

This Guy’s a Speed Demon!

Seeing Pat off, we visited with some of the Princesses while we waited for Kim. Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, & Belle were taking turns rotating, but we managed to snag shots with two. Sadly, the race photographer looked confused as to why non-runners were queuing up for the photo opportunities. The cast members were kind to oblige our desire to kill time and get equal access to the Mouse Royalty.

My favorite Princess!

Cold weather Cinderella? Lovely!

Queen Elsa has Returned!

Naturally, after heading back to the hotel, our mission wasn’t about getting sleep, but going shopping at the race expo. Wait, I take that back. I napped while Kim showered, and I’m fairly certain drool was involved. 😉 When we got to ESPNWWoS, we saw the Dannon Oikos Yogurt Mobile. We scored some tasty Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurt, but it definitely needed more John Stamos! We moseyed past the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, but promised we’d visit on the way out as bagel and yogurt belly wasn’t even allowing the possibility to happen. We threw ourselves into the throngs of people at the Fit for a Princess Expo, but a set shopping agenda. Kim wanted runDisney pins and I wanted a red Sparkle Athletic skirt for my Best Damn Race costume: Supergirl!

Needs more Stamos!

Hello, Lover!

After our brief shopping trip, we dropped by YYCT and bought our race weekend cupcakes. Granted two-thirds of our merry little band didn’t run, but who are we to break our race ritual!? I opted for My Cherry Amour, Kim went with Dough Dough Bird & Jason picked The Ballad of El Churro. I had to be good as we had late lunch plans at Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot. The Dapper Dudes and Dames at YYCT never cease to blissfully nudge me into a sugar coma. Can I tell you how grateful I am that I live an hour’s drive away from their mobile confectionery empire? 😉 My thighs thank me tremendously.

So many choices!

I missed out registering for the Disneyland Half, so there goes my hopes for a Coast-to-Coast medal in 2014, but I’m looking forward to registering for the Wine & Dine Half again. November is one of those more flexible flying months for me, so I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait for Annual Pass Holder registration to open on the 26th.

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