Dapper Daze

In mid-January, Kim sent me a link to Dapper Day, suggesting my getting all decked out to visit the House of Mouse. Over the last few years, I’ve lovingly fallen in love with the retro glamour style of the 40’s & 50’s, and though my fashion portfolio doesn’t necessarily reflect it, I’m working toward developing a classy collection of frocks for special occasions. It reminds me of dressing up for Easter Sunday Mass when I was a little girl. I find this to be a healthy alternative for spending a lovely Sunday afternoon. I’m already dreaming of the confectionery bounty that shall arrive with the coming of Easter, but in the mean time, I must soak up the sunshine and the arrival of spring. What better way to spring forward and enjoy the extra hours of day light than enjoying the  in style?

20140220-150908.jpgShow your Dapper Disney Side, Y’all!

I tried my best not to get wound up about it in the off shot that I wasn’t able to get the day off. After a reroute nearly destroyed my afternoon yesterday, I sat at my layover hotel hunched over the lobby computer, trying desperately to adjust my schedule. I shouldn’t have been surprised seeing a three-day trip spanning Friday, March seventh through Sunday, March ninth, but what floored me was when I subconsciously swapped onto a trip which released at half-noon on the last day. Several hours later, I was looking over my print outs and saw that the final turn on day three was to my home airport of Daytona Beach, and the final leg back to Atlanta was a deadhead. I submitted my request to deviate (and stay in Daytona), so I can make a beeline to west Orlando, without blinking! (I can barely contain my excitement!)

Surveying the Dapper Day photos from their Fall Soirée, my Bettie Page ClothingTie Me Up” dress is the obvious choice for this event. Not just because it’s baby pink with a colorful print, but because it’s light weight material breathes well in the pesky Florida heat. If I am to be snazzily dressed, but determined not to collapse under the stifling humidity, it’s the smartest choice to make. However, I am wondering if I should be obscenely southern and pack a folding fan just in case I get a bit dizzy from all the dapperly dressed people! With the biggest task, dress selection, out of my way, I’m currently seeking advice on accessorizing appropriately, so as to maximize my DD experience. Let’s start from the bottom up, shall we?

20131114-153839.jpgSaid “Yes” to my dress!

I’m waffling back and forth between two options for flats either Michael Kors ballerina flats (silver) or Børn Concepts Borage suede loafers (khaki), both of which offer minimal support and cannot be worn with stockings as they will slip off. Previously, I have trumped through Magic Kingdom in heels, against my better judgement, but my Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween costume demanded it. Looking at my exceptionally limited show selection, if I were to option heels, a shopping trip (or express shipping) would become a point of contention. I can’t tear my eyes away from these darling G.H. Bass & Co. Eloise Oxfords in Biscotti & Gold. Honestly, I’ve been looking to invest in a pair of heels that would complement this dress, but it would appear I’m a bit picky. Also, a pair of flats would need to be packed just in case. Depending on how fatigued my legs are the day of could ultimately decide for me, so I better have my backup and alternate backup plans in my trunk.

Option A: nude suede shoes

Option B: silver ballerinas

When I attended the Saving Mr. Banks screening in December, I bought a darling pair of sequined mouse ears, complete with rose applique and feathered accent. Investing in a pillbox hat or a fun fascinator is tempting, but if I want to show my Disney Side, I feel that the fancy headband is the way to go. Ideally, I would love to wear my hair down, or in a tousled up ‘do. Figuring out what to do with my après work hair style is posing a challenge. Without time to shower, I may be limited in my styling options. My work style is a sleek bun with side swept bangs. Taking it down usually leads to soft waves with some curl. Depending of the Florida humidity, this could result is a frizzy disaster. I kicked around the idea of attempting victory rolls, but ladies who can properly style the look will be there and I don’t want to look silly. If I can find an outlet to plug in my curling iron, I could tame my mane. Or I could always drive to Orlando with hot rollers in my hair tied up in a big scarf. That could be fun!

My makeup will only needed to be touched up as I’ll be coming straight from work. If time permits a face wash and fresh application, I’d love to start from scratch, but within the next two weeks, I have to learn to perfect a winged liner and berry lips. What I love about retro glam is the simplicity of the makeup because I’m terrible at doing smokey eyes and anything requiring vivid colors. I can work a neutral eye, either using Urban Decay or Too Faced with some heavy winged, black liner. I’m hoping my patience for false lashes returns by then, but I’m not holding my breath. Then I just need to pick a cool, rosy blush (leaning toward Benefit Cosmetics’ Hervana).

Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butters have infiltrated my makeup kit as of late. At work, Pink Truffle and Peach Parfait are my go-to colors, buts I’ve been known to doll myself up with Candy Apple on occasion, too. The light weight texture and moisturizer puts a smile on my face, especially when painting on my “Landing Lips.” I may just have to buy both Raspberry Pie and Berry Smoothie and test drive them both. At the salon earlier in the week, I found a great berry colored polish, Gossip Girl (01332), by Gelish. If I can match that color, it’ll bring out the magenta dots on my dress.

I’m considering investing in costume pieces: parasol, gloves, and handbag to fully complete the look. The trick is finding the key items either locally or with the ability to be received prior to March sixth. I’m not familiar with the shopping options near my house or Orlando, so I am gravitating toward online retailers. I’m just hesitant to pay appendages for express shipping. I found some lovely Batterburg Lace parasols, but they are all shipped from China, so they won’t arrive in time. Growing up in Florida, one would think I’d be a little more hearty when it comes to the weather, but I know my limitations. I love my SPF 110+, but March in Florida can be like the height of summer everywhere else, so I’d like to be prepared.

I’m quite thankful the event is scheduled for the afternoon Magic Kingdom, giving the midday heat a chance to cool off. The only problem will be finding the right angles to avoid shadows when taking photos. Without a doubt, I need to participate in the “Bon Voyage” aboard the Liberty Belle  (at 15:00) in Liberty Square. Nearly 30 years of going to Walt Disney World, and I’ve never been on that relaxing cruise around the Rivers of America. Additionally, the Island Escapades at Tom Sawyer Island (16:00-17:00) sounds like great fun, as I can’t remember ever playing there either. I really need to stop bypassing the Liberty Square attractions.

After seeing Emma Thompson & Tom Hanks on the King Arthur Carrousel in Saving Mr. Banks, I’ll admit to a dream or two where I’m all dolled up and sitting side saddle on a carousel steed.  I’m truly looking forward toward the Dapper Derby at Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel (19:00-21:00) as I’ve never been on a carousel at night. It may sound childish, but when lit up at night, it reminds me of the carnivals I used to go to when I was a child. I’ve walked past it plenty at night, but I’ve never managed to go for a ride at sunset. Maybe this could be a day of trying new things!

Although the prospect of After Dapper Drinks at the Grand Floridian’s Mizner’s Lounge or the Polynesian Resort’s Tambu Lounge (20:00-Midnight) is exceptionally tempting, I’m fairly certain this princess will turn back into a pumpkin by nine o’clock. I’m curious to see what their signature cocktails entail and if I’d be able to replicate them at home. I’d much rather have an intimate gathering of friends than battle the crowds at either venue. If the turn out is as big as I gather, it might stress me out to be surrounded by a mob of people. Maybe I can chase up some jazz on Songza or something instead.

20140220-150917.jpgShall we save the date?

The Fall Soirée at Disney Hollywood Studios is scheduled for Saturday, September 27, and it would be a fantastic way to top off my birthday month for year 35! Anyone want to start preparing to celebrate in style now? I had better start saving up for a new dress. Maybe one from Pin Up Girl Clothing or Stop Staring!

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