Mystery Date

Over our sunny Saturday brunch, my Valentine asked, “How are you with heights?” Knowing that in the local area there was no shortage of roller coasters, carnival rides, and other things to jump off, I felt the short stack of strawberry smothered pancakes sink in my stomach. It wasn’t that I was worried about heights, as my office is often at 30,000+ feet, but the potential mortification if my stomach didn’t keep those pancakes in check. Thankfully, it was a ruse, and he mercifully took us to Congo River Golf on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway for a round of adventure and excitement in the form of mini golf!

Hey, Nice Putt! 😉

You know, I need more mini-golf in my life. I’ve been to proper driving ranges before, and therapeutic as they may be, golf is just one of those sports I am simply terrible at. There’s not getting around it. Despite starting our trek on the Livingstone course with a hole in one, I knew quickly it was all down hill from there. One the second hole, a large family let us go play through because they would need more time and didn’t want to make us wait. Lining up my shot, I took two shots, having the ball roll back to the start. On the third try, I put a little muscle into it, and banked it into the water. This is how I roll.

Nice paint job, but the landing was a bit rough…

Two other fun things to do while taking in the round of golf– besides going back to the supplies shack to replace your ball– is the scavenger hunt and the challenge spinners throughout the course. The scavenger hunt is fun, but the trick is that you need to keep your eyes peeled on both courses to find all the objects. We didn’t find the shield, so I’m looking for it next time.

Talk about a sand trap!

The challenge spinners at some of holes are fun, but when you’re playing with someone as terrible as I am, plenty of comic relief is readily available, making the challenge spinner unnecessary. I will admit that I was rather proud of blocking a par-making shot once, but then I was promptly shut up as he sunk my ball and followed by his own. Also, on hole 12, I joked that he had to play his ball where it landed, in the wood chips to the side of the course. He did it easily, and positioned himself for a better shot than my own. This is why I’ll be sitting pretty with my feet up in the golf cart as the chauffeur and running commentary. I have no golf skills, just trash talking sass.

She ain’t much of a looker, but she’ll get you there!

The sunshine and fresh air felt great making me forget about horrendous my score was. The good thing is that I’m consistently bad at mini-golf. It didn’t help that my partner in crime actually knows how to play golf, but he was merciful, and sporting enough not to let me win! No, it’s a great thing, I promise you. There’s nothing more peeving that not earning a victory. Now, it seems I need to practice so I may pose a proper threat in the future. On our way out, we each got a scratch off ticket, redeemable at any CRG location. Additional entertainment options include an arcade, gem mining, paddle boats and baby gators, great kitsch travel memories and entertainment for children of all ages.

Oh look! A Palindrome!” *sigh*

I’m hoping to return here soon for a rematch, and taking on the less challenging Stanley course. For those unwilling to do the math, there is also a score card app (for phone iPhone and Android). Call me old-fashioned, but part of the mini-golf experience is the paper and pencil scoring (and having someone else do the math for me).

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