We Run Castaway

One of my favorite activities of DCL is the Castaway Cay 5K, largely in part because it forces me to roll out of bed and lace up while on vacation. Knowing the opportunity would not only present itself again, but that I could enjoy it with members of my traveling party, kicked up my anticipation and excitement. If I’m not mistaken, my sneakers made it into my suitcase before my bathing suit. I had to remind myself that I was going on vacation and not preparing for race weekend!

Let’s go to the map!

Previously, I simply showed up at Evolution on Castaway morning and signed up. When we boarded, we immediately went to Guest Services and found out we could not only pre-register for the 5K, but we were given assigned tickets and bibs! Talk about streamlining the process! This was the biggest time consumer when I participated last time, but this time around runners simply submitted their tickets and picked up their safety pins.

I ran with my new friend, Pat, a welcomed change from running it solo last time. This was quite beneficial to the other members of our traveling party as they got to sleep in while we invested a little sweat equity into our cruise. With all the decadent dining experiences and imbibing, I have to cancel out some of those calories lest I end up with a yummy mummy food baby bump! Ah, the things I do to wear a bikini…

A familiar route with an awesome new friend!

The route remained the same, an out and back course starting at Pelican Point and turning around at Serenity Bay. Unlike the Polar Vortex and Nor’easter ruining the east half of the US, The Bahamas were gloriously sunny and warm. The humidity made me quickly forget the cold awaiting me back at the office in Atlanta, and the cool island breeze. In addition to the water stations along the bike loop, the cast members set up a hydration table with cups of water. I loved the request for no dramatic cool downs involving cup throwing. The pride that Disney takes in their property is incredible, especially with the mantra of “take only photographs and leave only footprints” at Castaway Cay.

Having friends with similar goals and pacing makes running exciting and motivating. Earlier in the week, Pat ran a half-marathon, as of this was his first run since. I was decidedly on vacation, and needing to go to back to work the next night, so we took it easy without a doubt all the great food we enjoyed weighed us down a little, but it certainly didn’t stop up. 35 minutes later, we were heading back to the ship.

The Boss approves of my shenanigans!

I stopped to catch photos with The Boss Mouse and my favorite rum-soaked pirate, but I managed to make it back to my stateroom in time to join the gang for a victory breakfast of Mickey Waffles at the Enchanted garden breakfast buffet. When we went ashore for the BBQ and time at Serenity Bay, I stopped and picked up a Castaway Cay 5K baby tee and a pin for my medal. I missed out on the chance last time, so I wasn’t going to miss out again! Maybe next time, I’ll get the hat for my own personal hat trick.

20140205-175513.jpgCaptain Jack made me blush! Pirate…

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