Sailing Shenanigans

Talk about a homecoming! November through January blurred past me in a flurry of holiday flying and social engagements that I honestly lost track of time. Earlier in the month, an invitation was extended to me to join of group heading out on the Disney Dream, and I didn’t think twice about it. This time around, I shared the adventure with Ed and his pals, Janelle & Dave and Pat & Ceci. The best part was getting to know his friends who share an uncanny amount of common interests and learning the proper way to cruise! I also found out that I was now a Silver Castaway Club member which was a pleasant surprise.

20140206-113645.jpgCruising with my Fab Five!

This time around, I will be making a series of posts focused on cruising with Disney Cruise Line as an adult without children. Unlike last time, I will dissect the trip into themes instead of a daily breakdown. So stay tuned for my five part series!

{ Part One } 

Cruising Without Kids!

{ Part Two }

We Run Castaway

{ ChEARS to ME } 

Drinking my Disney Side

{ Part Four }

Eat. Sleep. Eat More.

{ Part Five }

Dressing like a Proper Disney Boss Lady

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