Chowing Down in Charleston

January was a month of reunions, and I managed to squeak my fourth reunion in at the tail end of the month when work dropped me off in Charleston, SC for the night. I hadn’t seen this beautiful lady since I left Japan, so now that we’re both stateside, it’s nice to have another friend from a monumental time in my life. Although time was short, we had enough time to grab dinner and drinks at one of the local mainstays.

Kathy picked me up and we headed over to Jim ‘n’ Nick’s Community Bar-B-Q, a local BBQ chain for a little southern comfort food. I ordered their Pitman’s Derby and she had the Peachy Keen martini. I’m on the hunt for the recipes, but I do remember the sweet burn of bourbon whiskey in my PD. It was strong, but paired nicely with my Pig-on-a-Bun with my side of creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

20140208-164817.jpgSouthern Sippings: Peachy Keen (back) & Pitman’s Derby (front)

Our server was very personable and engaged us in our conversation over NCIS! I appreciate servers who engage their customers beyond the basic bev-food-check scope their their jobs. She apologized profusely when I discretely mentioned my glass being chipped, and promptly brought a new drink. I dislike pointing out those situations, but averting injury is preferable for both host and guest alike. Though our dining experience was brief, I went home with a full belly of heavenly BBQ.
20140208-164836.jpgDrowned it in JnN’s Signature Sauce! Yum!

What I enjoyed most about the meal was reconnecting with someone I knew from a different stage of my life. Most of my friends from my time in Japan are either still there or back in their home countries. I have only a small handful of folks in the USA who understand the unique beauty of Tottori, and I am thankful Kathy is here on the east coast. At the time, we taught in different age groups, but now we have the opportunity to build on no friendship that started years ago. I can’t wait for my next chance to visit Charleston because I want to explore the downtown area!

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