Player 1 Press Start

Monday night, I experienced the hidden treasure of the theme park resort area: Player 1. Taking a page from The Big Bang Theory, I might have discovered “Nerdvana.” When I received the invitation to check out the video game bar, I was initially skeptical. When a venue claims to have a serving staff full of “Femme Fatales,” the feminist inside cringed. The objectification of video game girls always strikes a chord, but thankfully the FFs of the evening were tastefully and subtly costumed. Again, I needed to keep in mind that the video game industry has a decidedly male slant, and for a video game bar to survive, foxy cosplayers are certainly a necessary staffing decision for a barcade.


No, seriously, I’m with the Band!

Player 1’s extensive beer menu is nothing short of dizzying. I think this Alice just found a new rabbit hole! The draft selection alone nearly made my hightail it away from the bar. Had I know ahead of time that their extensive beverage menu was online, I would done my homework (Viva RTFM*)! I am glad that I ate a hearty dinner at Sea Dog Brewing Company across the plaza because the bar menu didn’t particularly appeal to me or my alcohol tolerance. 😉


Hail The Queen of the Geeks!

Originally, I wanted to take on Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan, but this southern belle was heartbroken to learn it was tapped out and gone. We toasted my debut at Player 1 with Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale (8% ABV) as our first round (I consider my Blue Paw Wild Blueberry beer which I enjoyed with my Sea Dog Ruben for dinner as a warmup). I thoroughly enjoyed my goblet full of Autumn as a short debate on the consumption of pumpkin beers outside of autumn swirled about. Normally, I’d take the seasonal appropriate stance, but the sweet spiciness quickly turned my swing vote.


The Original Duck Dynasty!

We did a couple of laps of the arcade floor, where I enjoyed X-Men, Capcom vs. Street Fighter, and Ms. Pacman. Though I whined about paying the five dollar cover charge, I hadn’t realized it was because all the games were free. FREE! Console games were also readily available. As we saddled up to the bar, one of the staffers put the original Nintendo on the counter with one controller and the light gun. Only one game could properly kick off the night: Duck Hunt. The enthusiasm of eight year old Karen was unleashed, minus her original digital duck hunting prowess.


Desperately wanting to flambé this!

Round two nearly made me take my shoes off when I graduated to Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Creme Brûlée Stout (9.6% ABV). Rich, creamy, and most definitely sweet, this one could get me into trouble. For those whom dislike the bitter taste of beer, you may be able to acquire a taste for it. CBS was responsible for my losing my Rock Band virginity with “Smoke on the Water,” (bass; easy; could we have picked a longer song!?), and my new found obsession for Injustice: Gods Among Us for XBOX360 where I got to fight as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, & Catwoman all in the span of twenty minutes!


Hi, Puddin’!

Alas, our evening out was a short one as the majority of the folks have normal jobs and had to be up in the morning. I would love to visit again and try out more beers and way more games. It’s been a while since I’ve had the gaming itch like this.

Note: RTFM for all intents and purposes is “Read The [Fancy] Menu,” expletive deleted. 😉

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