Revisiting Ideal Protein

One of my greatest achievements during summer 2013 was bidding adieu to 35 pounds of what I lovingly call “Robust Karen (RK).” With the supervision of Dr. Kate Canfield of HealthPoint Acupuncture and Natural Medicine and the unyielding support of my mom, I utilized the Ideal Protein Protocol along with my running and gym rat sessions to get into the best shape I’ve been in since high school. After phasing out of the program in October, I did relatively well at keeping my weight around 130 pounds. For those who know me and my adoration of sweets and breads, this is by no means a small feat for yours truly. However, the holidays rolled in and my self-control packed up and went on vacation. Figures, right? No way, Jose! I will not stand for this!

ImageI may need to run The Princess 1/2 for a new Harem Photo!

Initially, I had my weekly progress reports from IP posted here, but then summer flying started working me into the ground and any energy left over was dedicated to resting and pushing myself to the gym. After weighing in at the doctor’s office, a miniature meltdown  ensued. The electronic scale gave me it’s version of the finger, boasting my seven point eight pound weight gain. Later on, I did the math, keeping in mind monthly water bloat and being weight in the late afternoon instead of first thing in the morning. After calming down, I discussed with Mom about going back on the program for a week while I am on call in Atlanta. It was the perfect time to reset my body and mind about my holiday regret (just the weight; the food and memories were totally worth it).

It wasn’t until this morning that I collected my fleeting courage and my damaged pride, and dragged out my bathroom scale from the shadows. I couldn’t have been more relieved to see 134.5 winking back at me. She helped me count out the number of remaining packets necessary for a week’s worth of Phase I (21 packets) and supplied the extra vitamins and supplements I was short. It had been months since Mom and I stood in the kitchen and prepared my lunch tote for a week’s worth of servitude at the mercy of Crew Scheduling. 😉


NYRR 10K (Central Park) & on call in Atlanta

I haven’t let go of all of RK’s running and workout clothes. Yes, I am aware that it is one of the cardinal rules of weight loss is relinquishing the old wardrobe, so one might replenish it with more size appropriate items. The hard part isn’t the emotional attachment to them because I’m thrilled they are baggy and comfy, but the financial investment. I’m a running brat. I’ll admit it. I’m picky and when I started running back in 2009, I invested in brands I loved for design, construction, and function. I have plenty of Nike Running and a handful of lululemon athletica that I cannot seem to part with. (The exception was my size 12 la winter weight running leggings which look fabulous on Mom now!!) I keep scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to size down running clothes without creating seams that could chafe or destroying the pieces. I should revisit the idea of making an incentive collection and fund. Who doesn’t love some accountability?

ImageRocked in Savannah & on call in ATL

When my on call assignment days arrive each month, I do my best to preference available trips, so I can plan my meals and workouts accordingly. The desire to hibernate in the winter turned my down time during my on call days into week-long stretches of CPS: Couch Potato Syndrome. Unfortunately, this is also how many of my off days throughout November and December were spent as well, so I shouldn’t have been completely flabbergasted when the scale tipped out of favor. My goal for this year, when a layover is at least eleven hours, I need to hit the gym. If I miss my “crew debriefs” at the bars, so be it. I need to resume the delicate balance of working smart, playing hard, and healthy living. It would seem that the third fell off the map. Time to get it back because I don’t want RK returning. Ever.


Tinkerbell Half Marathon & LAX Layover

When I initially started IP, I tracked my weekly progress and meal selections while on the fly with my Instagram account. I wanted to keep my journey out of the realm of Facebook as I didn’t want to spam my feed with all the different plates I was spinning to succeed in IP, but I has also fully aware that I needed moral support. I was able to discover a great community of ladies who not only rallied support, but shared their meal tips, encouragement, and respective journeys with me. Now, we share our lives outside of IP, but I can’t thank them enough for celebrating my success with me!

There are claims that the IP Protocol is too challenge when constantly flying, but personally, it was far easier than I thought. Being constantly on the to go, carrying my shaker and packets helped defray my usual costs of dining out, especially in airports. With adequate planning, I was able to locate healthier options in the airports, yet for most of the quick serve restaurants, it meant oping for salads which is a fine way to get the four cups of vegetables in daily. During the summer months, having the soups was a little counter productive, except when craving something to warm me up on the aircraft. Now that winter is here (yes, even in Florida it’s a little balmy), I’m craving the tomato, leek and mushroom soups!

I have to remember my minimum 100 ounces of water daily, my vitamins (which I am horrible at remembering), and making sure I have extra packets when I hit the gym. I don’t want to burn any muscle in the process of training for Best Damn Race in Orlando (March 1st; Lake Eola Park), but I want to get myself into ship shape! Speaking of which, I’ll be hitting up The Disney Dream in a little over a week from now, so I want my system reset and ready to go!

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