Hair Raising Experience

A week ago, my favorite stylist & gal pal, Bailey, from Alchemy Hair Salon in Orlando, invited me to be a hair model for her class on updos. For those who know me, I am hardly the first string choice for modeling anything, other than food which I tend to emblazon every scrap of fabric I wear. Thankfully, I had the day off, and I refused to back out. I credit my beautiful sister for making Bailey a family friend. I had the fortunate chance to meet Bailey one day, and then proceeded to run the Central Florida Warrior Dash with her a week or so later! Yes, my relationship with my stylist is truly a unique and special one.

A sisterhood of mud, fire, beer, and fabulous hair!

In the last year alone, Bailey helped me venture outside of my comfort zone with bolder choices of reds and laying my hair. I credit both Susie and Bailey for helping me experiment with my hair color and embracing my wilder side! What I love best about the way that Bailey colors and cuts my hair is that she understands the limitations of my company’s uniform guidelines, so even when I went with an red ombré, I was able to conceal the wilder hues with my updo. Over the last two years, I have let one one else cut or color my hair other than Bailey, and here are a few examples as to why:

February ’13: Red Ombré & G.I. Joe’s Cobra’s Baroness

June ’13: Return of The Little Mermaid!

December ’13: Back to Bangin’ Brunette

In between my quarterly trims, I would visit for toner sessions to freshen up my color. Those extra visits to Alchemy always feel like a constant in my every-changing life, so I constantly look forward to sitting in those familiar vintage chairs with my cups of tea and edgy magazines, seeing all the trendy, tattooed ladies of Alchemy work their magic. I don’t have a drop of ink on me, but I always feel like a bad ass when I walk through the front doors.  Some people have their usual bars and social haunts, mine is the warmth of the Alchemy Salon and the folks who work there. Being invited to participate in their workshop means more than they could possibly know. (Maybe I just have lots of hair and usually, I’m off on Mondays… who knows?!)

20131114-153759.jpgSeptember ’13: Just a touch darker for Autumn

Ready to get coiffed up!

Showing up at the salon on a workshop day made me feel like I was experiencing my own behind the scenes peek at salon life. Unlike my usual afternoon appointments with Bailey, you could hear a hairpin drop! The stylists were learning a different approach for making a high ponytail. Several of their colleagues attended a training seminar and were imparting their knowledge with their peers. I’m so used to laughing with them over cups of tea in their slice of “hair-adise” that the rapt attention of the stylists was awe inspiring. My apologies to Tabatha Coffey, but participating in their lesson completely trumps any of her salon reality television shows.

A front row seat!

Alchemy uses Bumble & bumble products, so my hair always ends up smelling better than the rest of me! I didn’t even fret about which perfume to wear because I know the array of product used to achieve the look would more than take care of it! Try as I may I cannot recall the cocktail of Bb they used on my hair, and I hardly want to divulge any top secret trade hints. I want them to invite me back! 😉 One of the things I love about the folks at Alchemy is how seriously they take their craft without taking themselves seriously. They have good, clean fun, and truly love what they do.

Marinating in the secret sauce!

Volumizing blowout like a celebrity!

High Pony Tail or Salon Face Lift?

She always makes my hair fun!

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