Gallifrey Falls No More

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary premiered on a Saturday night, so I craved my own TARDIS to get me through my self-imposed social media blackout necessary to avoid any spoilers until the late showing in 3D at The Regal Pavilion Stadium 14 48 hours later. My godsend of a mother, programmed the DVR so I wouldn’t miss the premier as I was returning from a trip. A battle of ultimate self-control ensued as I had a promise to keep: a date with (as Kim so eloquently put it) “The Doctors! Plural! In 3D!” There were times over that weekend where I had to find ways to unplug for fear my resolve may dissolve, and I would betray The Day of the Doctor.

IMG_1133Clara, 10th Doctor Duffy & Eleven are ready to Save the Day!

In order to properly celebrate the 50th of DH, costumes were a non-negotiable must have. Kim, being Queen of the Doctors Cosplays, already had a complete Eleven costume of her own and Duffy had his Ten suit pressed and ready. It is universally known that The Doctor is always in need of a Companion, but the tricky one was selecting the correct one. Having bid my bright Amelia Pond ginger adieu and not being able to curl my hair to save my life (alas no River), I opted for one of the easier cosplays: Clara Oswin Oswald, The Doctor’s beloved ‘Impossible Girl’. Initially, I wanted to do her Souffle Girl/’Asylum of the Daleks’ (s7e1) look, but I could not find the right type of red dress nor the implements to make her tool belt in time. So, I elected for her simple, but sassy ensemble from ‘Nightmare in Silver’ (s7e12).

IMG_1122Clara’s look is natural with winged liner and know-it-all smirk

The easiest thing about Clara’s look is the natural makeup, focusing on the arched brow and winged eyeliner. Being the smart cookie that she is, Clara’s lips aren’t complete without a mysterious Mona Lisa smile. In ‘Nightmare’, Clara wears her hear up in a messy bun with her hair swept to the side. It isn’t a far stretch from my work updo, just a little looser and less shellacked into submission.

IMG_1113Heeled Booties & Tights aren’t best for running with The Doctor

Her clothing is simple: moto-style jacket, a flower print dress with an above the knee hem, tights and cute booties. Clara’s is very trendy and a smidgeon more girly than the predecessor, Amy Pond. I found the booties, tights, and faux leather moto jacket at Marshalls the day before, and I used a printed dress shopped from my own closet (but should have been taken in a little). The only glaring difference aside from my eye color, would be the lack of Peter Pan collar on the dress and the U.N.I.T. pin Clara obtains later in the episode.

IMG_1110I love the moto-style jacket!

We met up for pre-film dinner at Red Robin, as is our usual dinner and a movie combo in Port Orange. It had been a short while since we met up, but nearly two weeks had passed since the Wine & Dine half! Some bitter twenty-somethings at the booth next to ours attempted passing judgment on our clothing selections, but it didn’t impact our fun at all! Opted for the chicken fingers and bottomless fries, but then selected the adult beverage twist on their milkshakes. Food food and nice service made the meal pleasant!
Can’t get enough of Doctor Duffy as Ten!

IMG_1126Eleven, stop trying to make fezzes a thing! 😉

After dinner, we headed over to the theater and staked out our spot at the front of the line. We chatted with other fans who properly followed the queuing protocol set out by the cinema staff, however, there wasn’t anyone monitoring the line or doors to the theater. One couple walked past the entire line and entered the theater while the staff was cleaning to claim their seats. It wasn’t until we were given the go ahead to enter that we saw them settling in at the top. Unfortunately, with the rabid nature of fanboys and fangirls, the last thing I wanted was to make an issue of it, especially since there have been shooting incidents at movie theaters in the past, like that of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Illinois. The Fathom Events folks had previously issued e-mail warnings about bringing costuming items that could be mistaken for weapons, which sent a shiver down my spine. So, to the line jumping couple I say this: You are bad Whovians who could have potentially caused a massive commotion as a result of  your selfishness. You know who you are, and I hope you don’t have children to set a bad example for.

First in Line for the 22:00 Show!


The pre-film cinema etiquette briefing  by Strax had me squealing with delight (“Remember! Popcorn can feel pain!”), as did the 3D spectacles activation with Ten & Eleven! Actually, until I purchase the BluRay, I am going to avoid providing a potentially spoilerific review. I enjoyed “The Day of The Doctor,” thoroughly and there were moments in which I squealed. I had my concerns about John Hurt’s “War Doctor,” but those went promptly out the window with his entrance. Two words: Bad Ass.

That is all.

UPDATE (12JAN14): Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Walk/Run Half challenge completed via runDisney WDW Half.

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