Year 34

For the first time in years, I celebrated my birthday away from work. I am forever grateful to the lovely colleague who picked up my Newark penalty lap, guaranteeing my ability to enjoy my thirty-fourth birthday in style. I elected for an intimate gathering with three of my closest girl friends for a nice of dinner, cupcakes, and great music.


Outfit: Tie Me Up (in multi) by Bettie Page Clothing
I discovered this dress on my first San Diego layover a few months back, and immediately feel head over heels with it. However, I promised myself that I would not purchase it until I achieved my weight-loss journey. Prior to my birthday weekend, I landed a longer Seattle layover and went on an epic adventure on public transport in a city I have never visited. I squeaked into the store 30 minutes prior to closing time, but walked out victorious!

Massive kudos to my sister for making my hair look incredible. Try as I may, I still can’t figure out how to get a curl to stay.

I laugh so much when I get together with these girls!

Prior to our dinner reservation, the girls and I hit up guest services for a birthday button (and “I’m Celebrating!” Pins), as everyone deserved to know that today was my special day. I have never been near Disney on my birthday, so it felt special. Try it some time, you’ll enjoy the results.

Venue: Downtown Disney Westside

Restaurant: Bongos Cuban Cafe
Cocktail: Cocotini (Bacardi Coconut Rum & Midori Melon liqueur with a splash of Pineapple Juice)

Entree: Ropa Vieja (Shredded beef with white rice and sweet plantains)

We made reservations online, but they were able to seat us a little early. The weather was gorgeous, so we sat outside on the veranda. The Latino music was blasting and the dance floor was packed, but I preferred not screaming over the music to talk with my friends. The service was great, the drinks were sweet, and the food was decadent. It had been three months since I had carbohydrates, including alcohol, so I savored every bite. The flavors reminded of growing up in south Florida which is a good thing as the chain was developed by Gloria Estefan.

After dinner, we walked back to the DTD Marketplace and enjoyed the the music at the Waterside Stage for the remainder of the Dance Party. Surprisingly, we walked away with Dance Party Rockstar pins with the promise that we can’t sell them on eBay. The amphitheater was a great place to sit and eat cupcakes, more so once the crowds cleared out.

Birthday Confections: Gigi’s Cupcakes of Orlando
Initially, we coordinated a cupcake wish list for Blue Bird Bake Shop, but alas they had sold out quicker than expected. My sister was quick on her feet, and served up a decadent six-pack of celebratory sweetness!



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  1. I miss this:) thanks for letting me get a glimpse of life in the lime light 😉 On another note 😉 I think you are a fabulous writer and I always enjoy your writing, so please write away XOX


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