Last summer, I inherited a beautiful mahogany, CF Martin & Co. guitar from a dear friend. Interestingly enough, I revisited a name I used for a character to created for a gaming forum (which sadly had an extremely short run). Églantine, a name meaning “Sweetbriar Rose”, felt like a fitting name for the well-loved, dark wood guitar in a hunter green-lined hard case.  Since her arrival, I’ve been daydreaming about rocking out on a six-string, but have done zero research or leg work– until now. 

I popped  by the local music retailer prior to coming home, and after a spectacularly disappointing customer service experience at Sam Ash Music in Forest Hills, I purchased strings comparable to the ones I wanted.  Per my wonderful sister’s suggestion, I chased up instructions on YouTube on how to properly re-string a guitar. A lovely two part series presented by the charismatic, Justin Sandercoe, popped up. What better way to learn how to properly and safely re-string a guitar than by a seasoned professional with a dapper accent free of charge? After a step-by-step explanation in simple language, I managed to handle the task all by myself!

Thank you, Justin!!

I tested out my work by using the GuiTune Lite (FREE; by Peter Deelstra) application for iPhone. From what I can tell, my DIY project was successful, as the meters on the tuning application eventually fell into the green range. Soon enough, I’ll have one of the more musically inclined folks in my life to take a look at it. Now, I am in the process of querying a list of songs I eventually want to learn and accessories I will inevitably need (like picks, straps, and maybe even a capo or two).

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