A Complete Wash

Waterproof Removal

Since I started flying, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in my skin. Jumping time zones, pressurized cabin air, climate changes, city pollution, sleep deprivation, poor dietary choices… At 32, I am revisiting acne– something I have not contended with since I was fifteen. My chin and lower cheeks in particular are displaying the ill effects of adjustment to my latest career move.

{Underneath It All}

I remember seeing a made-under Gwen Stefani in No Doubt‘s Underneath It All. Her ruby red lips gone. Retro cat-eye makeup vanished.  Heavy mascara vanquished. At sixteen, I decided that if a guy can’t appreciate how I look without a geisha’s weight in face paint on, then he certainly was not worth my time (and I wanted to look that hot in a tank top). This may be a systemic shock for most men, but women do not wake up fully made up (unless they are married to an OCD mortician or have people with insane amounts of free time). Even Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were in need of a freshening up after those lengthy periods of slumber. Am I wrong?

Gwen Reloaded

Currently, I am using Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing & Makeup Remover while I am at home. I really miss their Deep Clean Sport Facial Wash which I manage to leave in Japan while I was traveling last summer. It was my go-to post-workout skin bliss out, especially after longer runs in the summertime. Also, shortly after I started flying, I managed to forget my half-full tube of Origins Checks & Balances Face Wash in Jacksonville, Florida (and it was conveniently gone when I called asking for it).

While traveling, I have become fast friends with Dove’s Facial Cleansing Cloths for Sensitive Skin which pack well and work wonders only with a little bit of water. Like most products, once I discover them, they quickly get discontinued. I am glad I do have a little stash remaining, but I have get to find a textured, cleansing cloth which gets left over makeup off without scratching my skin. On my (sensitive)eyes, I have had great results with Neutrogena’s Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion, but the exactly-3.0-travel-friendly-ounces is a little cumbersome. I wish a smaller size was available, so I could reserve space in my single quart bag for more frequently utilized skin care items.

Previously, Clinique’s three-step skin care system (2-Dry Combination) was a staple in my skin. Unfortunately, it’s price tag isn’t currently jiving with my financial plan, nor is my previously adored A Perfect World system from Origins. However, with the current revival in uncooperative skin, I am interested in the reviews Neutrogena’s skiniD system (my proposed system is 14 Cream Cleanser.32 Anti-Acne Treatment.72 Hydrator; $19.95 +S/H), but I am unsure about the continuous monthly commitment.

{Drink It Up}

Iconic beauty, Raquel Welch, cites Oil of Olay as one of her keys to prolonged skin care success. Taking a page out of her book, Behind the Cleavage, I made return to Olay for the first time since high school. After the morning wash, I  work in Olay Complete SPF 30 for Sensitive Skin, and after washing the face off before bed I slap on a little Night of Olay. I don’t anticipate any gunslinging in a poncho any time soon, but for a lady in her 70s, it is clear that Ms. Welch is keeping tight grasp on her youth (and I am thankful its with products having reasonable price tags).

Young Raquel Welch

Olay has since expanded their skin care lines to include products focusing on aging and damaged skin which according to more and more studies, is something I should start considering as a woman in my early 30s. With regard to the drugstore lines the only company in marginal competition with Olay would be Aveeno, a brand I have adored since its debut for its attention to sensitive skin. The biggest advantage Aveeno has over Olay would be its focus on total body moisturizing, and in the overall body moisturizing category, I love their skin lotion. A close third to Olay and Aveeno would be Dove’s line of lotions, but where Dove reigns supreme is in the realm of body washes (1. Sensitive Skin with NutriumMoisture, 2. Creamy Cream Oil, and 3. VisibleCare Renewing Creme). Regardless of the ranking, these three brands have been the ones I have consistently used since college in one incarnation or another. Finding a product line which incorporates all the high notes of these top contenders would be ideal, or would having the diversity actually be to my benefit?

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