Luxury for Less

Outlet malls: the final chance for high end goods for the rest of us. Growing up in south Florida, I was around for the inception and birth of Sawgrass Mills, one of the largest outlet malls in the United States. It wasn’t until two winters prior that I had the opportunity to experience the high end outlets at Sawgrass where I invested in my first kate spade bag, a robin blue Tarrytown Quinn. Though I dream of lofty designer goods, I honestly don’t see myself actually buying the pieces I dream of at full retail. If not at Sawgrass Mills, I would have to venture to another premium outlet retailer. At least for now, I am working on my wish list.

Emma Watson for Burberry

A Burberry Trench Coat -While I lived in Tokyo, one of my roommates invested in a black Burberry trench coat, and I was extremely jealous (to this day, I’m extremely jealous). I love the clean, classic look of the camel trench, and my choice would be the double-breasted style in a knee length. I do love the style Princess Catherine elected to wear, but alas it sold out in less than 24 hours. My top picks are from the London collection, especially the Cotton Military Trench (in Dark Trench) or the Cuff Detail Trench Coat (in Trench).

Bicycle Chic

A Kate Spade Handbag – I bought my first Tarrytown Quinn handbag after receiving my first paycheck after returning from Japan. I elected for my favorite color, a robin’s egg blue, which pairs nicely with lots of my current color scheme. However, for more formal occasions or work, I cannot use it, so I am searching for something in either black, brown, or red. I really, really want the Essex Scout and Quinn designed for AdelineAdeline Bicycles.

A Tiffany Watch – The Tiffany Gallery Watch in Navy with stainless steel and leather to be specific. I love the design and the potential for wearing it at work. My only conflict is if I were to invest in such a hefty time piece, would I really want to use it for work. Or would that diminish the luxury of it? I do love the Gemea Watch in White (or black) and Tiffany Blue, but I cannot wear it for work. There is a version in stainless steel with Tiffany Blue and a black face or white which are also rather nice, too.

An Anya Hindmarch Be Spoke In & Out Case – Upon completion of my six month probation in May, I will receive corporate business cards. While living in Japan, I developed a fascination with the culture of exchanging business cards, and several of my friend gave my basic lessons on proper etiquette. As I will one day be flying primarily to Japan, it is my hope that I can make a positive impression with ta carefully selected business card case.

A Tory Burch Wallet – Several of my colleagues (former and present), have invested in classically styled wallets by Burch. My last investment in a leather wallet was in spring 2005, and only recently, has it started to fray in places. My previous wallet was navy with colorful embroidered detailing (and purchased in Japan). For good luck, I must wait until spring before I can invest in a new wallet. With the possibility of buying a dark bag, a leather wallet in an easily spotted color. My current preference is the Continental Robinson Zip Wallet.

{Style Cache}

My preference for sunglasses are either Oakley or kate spade, and currently, I own a pair of each respectively. I invested in my second pair of Oakleys, Forsake (below; in tortoise; discontinued) in 2009 after I lost my prior pair in the snow, and last spring I made a return to metal with a pair of Ally Aviators (pictured above) by kate spade. As one may surmise, my Forsakes are used for running (and driving in the snow), and my aviators are used for work and when I am attempting to be fashionable. I keep toying with the possibility of buying optical frames, but I keep chickening in out in the event I can save enough to get Lasik.

The hardest part is looking at the list and determining which items should be slated for purchase first, and which could potentially be delayed for the time being. Seeing the “status symbols” of my colleagues can be rather depressing, especially when I see the lack of passion they have for their work. For many, they do it for the money or the exotic locations they can visit (and they make it quite clear how frequent they get to go there instead of me). With regard to want versus need, all of these items are on the want list with the exception of the trench coat. With the rains of spring rapidly approaching, this is the one piece I truly desire.

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