A Hairy Situation

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Color! I love it. I love it for clothes, make up, cars, houses… but today is all about hair. I’ve been a blonde, a redhead, a black beauty, but the color I always gravitate to is some shade of brunette. After coordinating with my Beautiful Seester, the family fashionista and one of my style icons, she managed to coordinate an appointment with her styling goddess, Bailey, at Alchemy Hair Salon in Orlando, Florida. Now that the appointment is locked in (10:30AM on Saturday, January 22nd), all I have to do is pick a style. Sounds easy enough, right?

When it comes to selecting a new hair color and style, I tend to have a rather extensive research and screening process before I commit to a style or a color. Until salon-grade color processing finds it’s way into the appropriate budgetary line item in my shoe-string budget, it looks like I shall take the more economical route and stick with my local beauty supply stores and pharmacies.

Emily Deschanel

I oscillate between various shades of brunette throughout the year, so my style would be best equated to the Deschanel sisters. In spring and summer, I go light, usually with hints of blonde and caramel, like Emily. My colors of choice over the last two years have been either Honeydip (#73; Garnier Nutrisse) or Brazilian Brown (#51; L’Oréal Paris Féria). As I don’t believe trying to fake beachy, summer colors in the dead of winter, my hair changes like the autumn colors and I go darker like Zooey. Consistently, I have picked up either Chestnut (#53; Garnier Nutrisse) or French Roast (#45; L’Oréal Paris Féria) each time I go freshen up my winter tresses. Now, if only I could get their fashion styles down…

{Ghosts of Styles Past}

When it comes to selecting a new hairstyle, I apply NCIS Law of Gibbs: Always trust your gut. Since I have had my fair share of bad haircuts (no, I will not post photos), I prefer walking into the salon with a concrete plan of what I want. After several botched jobs, I refuse to allow any stylist to take liberty with my hair, and “try something new” (and nine times out of ten, I never like it). When I find a style, I tend to stay with it for a while as it takes a while for my hair to grow out. Here are a couple of styles I’ve adopted over the last few years.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes (2008) – Shortly after I moved to Tokyo, I elected for a completely new style. Many magazines were talking about the revival of the bob courtesy of Katie’s new, stylish crop. I printed out a photo and took it to the salon. I loved the results, and since my hair grew slowly, it took a while before I needed to freshen up my ends.

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk (2009-2010) – After I returned to the US, I wanted a style pick me up. The heat and humidity of south Florida dictated my style choice, and my bangs had since grown out. I loved Kristin’s long, wavy hair in Smallville, so I was floored when I saw she’d lopped it all off for the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li premier. I must have printed out four different photos of it to make sure the stylist got it right.

{Ghosts of Styles Present}

Salm Hayek

Salma Hayek (2011-present) – My last hair cut was back in September, prior to leaving my job in New York and moving to Atlanta. I made the mistake of going to the same salon I’d previously visited, but getting a different stylist– one that did not speak English. I loved the ‘Salma’ cut, I got last time, but made the fatal error of arriving without a copy of the picture. When I explained what I wanted to the stylist translating for my stylist, I thought all was well with the world. All I needed was the same angled bob, longer in the front and shorter in the back. When she started cutting, I noticed I got the exact opposite– resulting in longer layers. In the end, I did like it, but getting used to styling the exact opposite of what I had become accustomed to took some getting used to (and more product).

{Ghosts of Styles Future}

Now comes the first big decision of 2012. Forget the Presidential election! I need to choose who will become my next fashion template for my semi-annual hair cut. As I flip through magazines, I am finding so many different muses, but alas, I only have one head of hair. Until I can afford to invest in some nice wigs, I’m going to have hunker down and select one style to go with. My primary goal is something sophisticated, a little fashion forward, but not difficult to maintain (or in violation of corporate dress code).

Natalie Portman

1. Natalie Portman (Swept bangs; single length) – This is by far the easiest, and sleekest style. From a young age, Natalie has always made conscious fashion choices, but it was rare for her ever to wind up on an episode of Fashion Police. My primary concern for this style is learning to wield a flat iron, and finding one I can take with me in my suitcase while traveling.

Anne Hathaway

2. Anne Hathaway (Heavy bangs; layered) – Maybe it’s the nose, but I’ve been told I resemble Anne. She is growing into her own, and I am excited to see her playing darker, edgier roles. Her look is consistently classic, and one I truly enjoy. These layers have more wave and heft, but they wouldn’t last with the humidity.

Ginnifer Goodwin

3. Ginnifer Goodwin (Asymmetrical Pixie) – I L-O-V-E,  love, love LOVE this look for GG. P!nk has rocked a similar style (both in platinum and her signature color), but I feel it’s too rock for the conservative corporate image I have to convey. I wish I had the energy and tenacity to flaunt such a look, but I think I will admire it from a far. (I will certainly need to try the makeup though…)

Jennifer Gardner & Jessica Biel

4. Jennifer Garner (Layered; Bangs) or 5. Jessica Biel (Layered; Highlighted) – These ladies have making waves all over Hollywood with the high profile relationships (Ben & JT, anyone?), hardcore roles, and generous hearts. My hair is near the same length they both have here, but the question is chop or bleach it?

Vote for your favorite (or submit your own write-in ballot at the bottom). Feel free to submit your defense of your decision as well. I need a little direction (without being driven just to shave my head entirely). I am open to any (reasonable) styling suggestions out there. I am gun shy about giving any stylist free reign over my hair because I have simply had too many bad styles.

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  1. Personally, I think that the Jessica Biel style would look great on your in a darker color. I’m a big fan of the French Roast by Feria. I feel like darker hair loves layers because it takes people a few minutes to really notice the various layers.


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