2012 Disney Princess Half-Marathon

Event: 2012 Disney Princess Half-Marathon
Date: Sunday, February 26, 2012 (around 05:30AM)
Race Buds: My Beautiful Seester, the Birthday Bella, Jilly-Bean, Megs
Location: Epcot to the Magic Kingdom & back (Orlando, FL)
Distance: 13.1 Magical miles
Course Type: Road Race (with photo opportunities)

Family 5K Members: Seester, Boss Lady (AKA Mom), Rusty & Allyson, Kimi

{Running is the New Homecoming}

Last year, I ran the Princess Half after being invited by my cousin to participate. No sooner did I finish the race, and ice was still soothing my aching calves and shins, I was already committing myself to a second dose of 13.1 Miles of Disney Princess Magic (I pondered the situation for a grand total of ten seconds before locking myself into the commitment). The biggest difference between 2011 and 2012, my running circle has exponentially expanded and the list of crazies joining me either in the Family 5K and/or the half had tripled!

Most of my friends participating are from different eras of my time at UF, and it is really interesting to see how over ten years later are overlapping precisely at the same time. Why descend upon Gainesville, when Orlando has the Mouse House and resort hotels instead? Now, the biggest challenge will be coordinating meetups with everyone before, after, and during the race!

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