Warrior Dash

When I made plans to visit my sister for the weekend, she threw a ball into my court– one I have been waiting for over the last year.The year before last, we ran a Resolution 5K together while home for the holidays in Fort Lauderdale, and last February, my Beautiful Seester, came to cheer me on at the 2011 Princess Half Marathon. I saw her and my Wonderful Mom, sitting in the ChEARing Section, and my heart soared. Later, she asked me if I thought she could do it, and I remember telling her, run because you want to, not because I do. Since then, she’s taken a shine to running, and our upcoming weekend together is shaping up to be rather interesting!

Event: 2012 Central Florida Warrior Dash
Date: Sunday, January 22, 2012 (10:30AM Heat)
Race Bud: My Beautiful Seester & my gal pal, Keri
Location: Triple Canopy Ranch, 16950 C.R. 630 East, Lake Wales, FL 33898
Distance: 3.02 ‘hellish’ miles
Course Type: Obstacle (mud & fire)

We’re in discussion about costumes for WD, but whatever we choose, we’ll have to consider the weight of any fabric soaking wet, covered in mud, and the potential for flammability.

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