Decorating the Boss Level Master Suite

I received a surprisingly positive response to my big reveal about my design scheme for my master bedroom: The Boss Level. What surprised me was that no one tried talking me out of doing a classy, wrestling-themed bedroom. I showcased the art of Rob Schamberger, which demonstrated that wrestling can be artistic, and it can be displayed without making a room look like it belongs to a seventh grader. Questions started rolling in about providing more concrete designs with the items I do have, so today I’ll focus on how I am starting to stage my room.

img_7132My very discerning interior designer and True Babyface.

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Wrestling with Interior Design Inspiration

December 11, will mark the one year anniversary of my biggest adult move to date: purchasing my first house. So much has happened in the last year, especially when it comes to making my first house truly feel like my first home. Some rooms organically came together instantly, but unfortunately others have maintained stark walls. Of all the rooms in my house, I have spent the greater part of a year unable to decide what to do about the Boss Level of the Little House of the Nerdy: The Master Suite. I’ve wrestled with Pinterest in a no-holds barred, fight forever matchup since I moved in last year. I grappled with more design schemes than I cared to count, and then it hit me… like a steel chair to the back of the head…

Yes, the walls are metallic silverYes, the Master Bedroom came with silver walls & plum velvet curtains. 

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Star Trek x MAC Makeup Launch Experience

In the spring, Star Trek announced the launch of the commemorative edition makeup line with MAC Cosmetics in honor of its fiftieth anniversary for release during San Diego Comic Con. Since then, I have patiently awaited its arrival in stores like a child waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. I reeled at the photos from SDCC in July, and last month, I finally made it to the theater to see the third installment, Star Trek Beyond. A friend recommended this event at a mall across town, but I gladly made the trek –if you will– in the name of nerdy fashion!

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Virtual Coffee Date at Luke’s Diner

Ah, Adulting. That quintessential requirement that you buck up and do you job, and not do frivolous, fun things like line up in the dark outside a coffee shop for a free 12-ounce coffee for several hours in honor of the original premiere date. I was at work…


“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life. I was coffee.” ~ Lorelai Gilmore

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Total Bellas

The Bella Twins have done it! After taking the helm of Total Divas, Brie and Nikki managed to launch their own spin off focusing on their drastically different lifestyles, but centering around their family. Throughout the six seasons of TD, the Bellas and their Fellas have had a tendency to dominate the programming largely in part to their combined star power as four of the top Superstars in the company. It was only a matter of time before it evolved into something larger.

20160415_totaldivas_bellafamily-518dc4a7003c7d620b0d2d32f7c01299One big, happy family? Or battle royal waiting to happen…? (Image: WWE/E!)

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