My ThinkGeek Story

Only two more nights of geeky dreams until the grand opening of the second ThinkGeek store here in  Orlando! I’m trying to contain my excitement, but the Waterford Lakes IRL gang is posting photos on Instagram and it’s only adding fuel to the fire! I am so excited that the wait is almost because this anticipation is killing me. I have this feeling that I will drop to knees and kiss the ground or roll around on the carpet like a cat on catnip. I’ll do my best not to make a complete fool of myself as I geek out with my local geek fam!

IMG_4762The morning after I closed on my first house, I powered up on the front porch!

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ThinkGeekIRL – One Year Later

ThinkGeek opened their first brick and mortar store nearly a year ago, right here in Orlando, and  I was gutted that I missed the grand opening. While I made it into the store during it’s opening weekend, I promised myself that if there was a snowball’s chance to attend a ThinkGeek opening that I would be there. I just about fell over when I saw the Coming Soon sign in my favorite neighborhood shopping center! I never thought there would be the possibility of geeking1 out without making the crosstown campaign to the Florida Mall! Then something magical happened, Timmy the Monkey and his team gave Orlando it’s blessing for it’s second location!

IMG_9631I actually geeked out seeing this sign in my favorite shopping center!

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Golden Snitch-inspired Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sunday, July 31st, our beloved Harry Potter celebrated another name day! As I recovered from my GeekyCon experience with my friends, I gave thought as to how I could better present my “After the Con” experiences. I was fortunate that GC weekend coincided with the birthday of the famed “Boy Who Lived,” and with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, there was plenty of residual feelings about one of my favorite series of all time. With my first Geeky behind me, I wanted to share one of the most glorious creations I have ever laid my hungry eyes upon: The Golden Snitchwich.

A perfect post-Quidditch snack that Madame Hooch would love!

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Fan Fest Orlando Arrives in September

Prior to GeekyCon, I expressed my long overdue thoughts about the Pulse Nightclub Massacre in June. At the con, I was able to experience healing and community through fandom. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend, GeekyCon don’t miss the opportunity to experience Orlando through fan activism and conversations with purpose, block off September 17, 21016. Now. The incredible folks at Walker Stalker1 Con and Heroes and Villains Fan Fest are showing that heroes, villains, the survivors and the shambling  undead can come together for charity with Fan Fest Orlando.

You want a mic drop? Get ready, Y’all…


100% of the profits raised from ticket sales, autographs, professional photo ops, and vendor sales will be donated to the One Orlando Fund

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Friday Five: Nerding Out at GeekyCon

At the top of the month, my pal Liz was featured on Real Geek Girls. When I tweeted about it, several people followed up with me asking why I don’t have a YouTube Channel. With developing my brand, YT wasn’t a platform I was ready to explore. As I prepared for GeekyCon, I noticed that many of the guests have solid fan bases from their digital projects, so in keeping with my action plan for the convention, I want to take notes from the pros!

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