In the ring with Fire Pro Wrestling World Part 2






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Talking CEO x NJPW with Women Wrestling Friends

Last year, prior to WrestleMania 33 here in Orlando, I spent a fantastic 90 minutes discussing wrestling, WWE and opinions on ring gear fashion. Unfortunately, that content was too fiery for the internet because the audio was completely unusable. I don’t know how a year and a half passed since that fantastic time, but fresh off the heels of CEO x NJPW, I chatted with Sarah the Rebel and Misfits Tamara about my experience with the colliding of the wrestling and gaming worlds.

be5a0a904d44cd77ec07f883f611baf6_L.jpgWWF is also available on iTunes! Go check them out!

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CEO x NJPW When World Collide Event Recap

If would have told me a year ago that my first live New Japan Pro Wrestling show would be at a fighting game tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida, I would have cackled. Just off the wake of Strong Style Evolved in LA back in March and the madness of WrestleMania week in New Orleans a week later, I thought I was going to have to wait for ages to see another show with New Japan talent, especially since whenever Ring of Honor comes to Florida lately, they are never on the card. However, a week before their next big show in San Francisco, The G1 Special, at the historic Cow Palace, I’m sitting front row with some of my best people living my best life.

Kyle is one of my favorites to go to shows with! Never a dull moment!

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In the ring with Fire Pro Wrestling World Part 1

Most people would consider a weekend staycation at the beach to be the perfect way to unwind, you’d conjure up images of laying out on the sand, walking the boardwalk or playing in the ocean. For me, it’s gathering up a group of my friends who love gaming and wrestling and simply escaping the metropolitan area for a long weekend.┬áCEO Daytona is a three-day fighting game tournament series, and after attending last year as a spectator, I not only wanted to passively watch but actively play some of the game demos available.

03LeSsYTA match-up for the ages! How will I fare against, The Director?!

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CEO Day One Highlights

I cannot believe an entire year has gone by since I last went to Community Effort Orlando (CEO). Last year, the event was held at the Wyndham resort over on International Drive, where I got to see the WrestleCon SuperShow during Wrestlemania 33 week here in Orlando. The growth of CEO led to an ideal relocating of the event to one of my favorite beaches in the world, Daytona. I didn’t know how much sun I would get at a video game tournament, but when I set my out of office notification, I was ready to go relax and have fun!

“Daytona, I am here to ‘Tranquilo’, watch wrestling, and play video games!”

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